Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?

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    Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?

    Even the Dark Ages Would Laugh at Where We’re Going
    By: Umair Haque

    Here’s a tiny question. Do Americans know how extreme, bizarre, and weird American collapse is getting? How far off the charts it is? Forget the charts of “normal” — I mean the charts of history. Even the Dark Ages, ancient Rome, and the barbarians might laugh, astonished, at the backwardness of America in 2018. Doubt me? Indulge me — while I prove it.

    Consider a tiny but telling and particularly awful example. There’s a GOP candidate in North Carolina, I read today, who proclaims that “God is a white supremacist.”

    Now, you might laugh. It’s funny, in an absurd kind of way. But do we call such a belief? What does it take for a mind to think such a thing?

    It’s not simple fascism — because fascism, at least the sort we know of in history, tends to reject the church. That’s because, of course, Nietzsche preached a different gospel: that Christian values make people weak, that only the strong survive, and that the job of the strong is to dominate the weak. Fascism is simply an expression of this perverse belief system, this ideology, and in that way, it tends to demonize religion — just as the Nazis did, ruling over a church they despised with an iron fist.

    So what is it? Theocracy? Well, it’s not theocracy either — again, at least as we know it. Because in theocratic systems, God is an equalizer. You’re oppressed until you’re pious and faithful, maybe beaten, starve, punished, jailed, as in Iran or Saudi Arabia — but when you are pious, then you’re accepted into the community of believers. In other words, even in hardcore theocracies, God isn’t a racist (LOL) — he might be a vengeful, terrible, angry God, but he’s an equal opportunity abuser. He might call for women and gays and minorities to suffer terribly — but when they renounce their sin, and they’re pure, then they belong to society too. But “God is a white supremacist” is a belief so strange, so bizarre, so fundamentally new in history that it goes even further than that.

    The question, then, is this: how far back in history do we have to travel to find a God who’s a racial supremacist? Who damns people purely for the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their “race”? Well, we’d have to go back past the colonial era — because even in, for example, South America and Africa and Asia, God could save everyone — religion was a colonial instrument (and I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense, just a historical one) — not just whites or Aryans or whomever. Sure, you might never be an archbishop — but the church would happily accept you into a congregation.

    What about the Dark Ages? In fact, we’d have to go back past the medieval era, too — because even then, the same logic applies. God was angrier, and more menacing, demanding inquisitions and tests of faith — but nobody was beyond redemption. Even the medieval church had black saints!

    Do you see how bizarre, extreme, and gruesome all this is getting? We’re already in the Dark Ages — but what America’s producing today is even more unenlightened than the actual literal textbook Dark Ages. How funny. How strange. How sad.

    Let us continue, until we reach an answer. Let’s go all the way back to antiquity. What about Greeks and Romans? They weren’t monotheists — but were their Gods racial supremacists? Did Athena and Artemis damn black people and Asians, just for the color of their skin? Of course not. The most obvious classical example is Anthony and Cleopatra — neither of whom “converted” in any modern sense, but Cleopatra obviously wasn’t white, and Anthony obviously wasn’t Egyptian. In fact, by this time, Rome was a mixture of all kinds of people — and its Gods rejected no one.

    So now we’ve gone back — all the way back in human history to the very dawn of civilization. And we haven’t found one example of a statement as weird, grotesque, and bizarre as “God is a white supremacist!!” That doesn’t mean that religions didn’t do terrible things, or even racist things — of course they did. But that is not the same as a racist God. But nowhere do we find such a belief. Even the ancients, it appears, aspired to higher moral and ethical values than racist Gods. Even they’d find such a thing fantastic, foolish, and laughable, probably.

    (You might have thought by now — “it’s barbarism!” Ah, but it would be too easy to call this barbarism. Barbarians, the poor things, aren’t even this uncivilized. Their gods are violent and wrathful, but like the Vandals or the Visigoths or the Vikings, they weren’t racists, really, nor were they fascists, just warrior Gods, and besides, many “barbarians”, like indigenous Americans, had peaceful naturalist deities, probably far more civilized than their colonizers.)

    What is such a thing, then? It’s entirely new in human history, more or less. Now, it’s dangerous to say that something is “new”. History’s a cycle, not a line. So when might we have found beliefs like this? Probably in times of great crisis. Imagine a series of failed harvests, season after season. The priests stand atop a great pyramid, and cry, “it is their fault! The Gods demand their blood!” And so the human sacrifices begin. A scenario like that is what would produce a racist God — but for the same reason, when the harvest returns, Gods, who must be impartial beings probably have the darkness of those days scrubbed from them, and go back to being Gods of mercy and justice and so on.

    So if “God is a white supremacist!” is new — at least in the sense that it’s the kind of gruesome thing we only see in periods of genuine collapse — what do we call it? It’s not fascism, as we’ve already discussed, nor is it theocracy. It’s more like a bizarre, strange, toxic cocktail of the two — which are already toxic cocktails of their own, fascism of liberalism and conservatism, theocracy of state and church. So it’s a finely distilled poison, which we might call theofascism.

    And that is what America is really inventing now. Once upon a time, it invented great and amazing things. Moonshots, chemotherapies, highways. Yet, even at those times, it was also inventing terrible things, too, which, mostly, it brushed under the rug — Jim Crow laws, segregation, and so forth. Now, though, the balance has changed. America isn’t inventing great things anymore (no, Facebook doesn’t count. Are you kidding?) It seems instead to be inventing new ways to destroy, ruin, and shatter things. What things? Democracy. Reason. Civilization. Truth, justice, equality. It is creating poisonous cocktails, so dangerous, so bitter, so toxic, that they are off the charts of history. Things like theofascism — which is just one ideology of ruin.

    But there are many more, if we look closely at American collapse. The idea that we should arm teachers, instead of protect kids from school shootings — militant capitalism. The idea that people should have to crowdfund insulin — techno-Darwinism. The idea that people should never be able to retire — neofeudalism. The idea that freedom is just the weak being exploited by the strong — neo-authoritarianism. Those are four more weird, ruinous, baffling ideologies — and just like theofascism, we’d have to go a long, long way back in human history to make sense of them. All these ideas are so strange, self-destructive, and fatally absurd, that they’re off the charts of history, all the way back to the dawn of civilization.

    Do you think the Romans would have let their kids hack each other to bits in the Colosseum? That the Vikings would have let hedge funds buy and sell the lives of their young and old with impunity? Do you think the Victorians would have stopped people from having insulin if they had it? Of course not — they were already pioneering public parks, libraries, and transport. American collapse is off the charts — in the weirdness and totality of its cruelty. So let me ask again: do you think Americans know how weird, extreme, and bizarre American collapse is getting?

    July 2018

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    Sounds like one of those intolerant liberals you hate so much.

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    I'll wait until someone comes along to tell you what to think.

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    Tty move #33 : post someone else's opinion piece. Accuse others of not having original thoughts. Declare victory.

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    Shame to butcher English in the process, the title of the essay is so clumsy, no wonder tty likes this drivel

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    I don't see you posting much of anything.

    All you do is shit talk.

    What an intellectual failure.
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    Can't comment on the substance, as usual.

    Comprehension problems?
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    whoever painted your sig had a slight issue with the conceptual looks like you have a 180lb Bouncing Baby Donald.

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    Can I have 2 kilos of whatever Umair, the author of that incomprehensible nonsense and mumbo-jumbo, is on because that's some wicked stuff he's taking...

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    The comment on the substance was “drivel”, comprehension problem(s)?

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    Clueless, he is.

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    That’s just ridiculous

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    To be fair, it is better than Caitlyn Johnstone, though admittedly, one can hardly set the bar lower.
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    since when is chemotherapy a good thing?
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    but he does have a point. You keep telling people that others control what they think, whilst you copy/cut and past the exact words of others without putting any of your own words to it. It seems you are the one who is told what the think and repeat only what you are told.
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    Who is Umair, and why should we be spammed with his opinions?

    No thanks on the "what he's having". I think it's laced with something nasty. Maybe Paraquat, maybe some pesticide. Whatever it is, I'll pass.

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    Your savior is gonna collapse our nation
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    I pick and choose thought provoking essays from wherever I find them.

    Then I watch people here work very hard at doing anything BUT thinking.

    Their aim in this section is to hate on people until they go away. Buckwit has been at it for years. He's attracted a small band of sycophants who go along with whatever he says, lest they find themselves in the wrong end of his vitriolic excuse for discourse.

    I don't see you bringing any new ideas here in any form, for example. Are you that afraid of the local petit tyrant?

    You've tried to convince me that you are educated and thoughtful. I want to see some evidence of it.
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    Ah yes. Can't discuss the substance of what he says, so have to attack the source.

    What an example of limp dick thinking.

    I don't mind if you disagree with what the man said, at least TRY to have an intelligent rebuttal.

    I'll bet you didn't even read it. -you've even attempted to mock me over that phrase, ignorant of the fact that it only makes you look even more small minded.
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    When will you get it. I'm not trying to convince you of shit about me.

    If you want to have a thought provoking conversation, it would be wise to use your own words to explain your views...not the views of someone else using their words. Hell at least add your words to what they are saying. As of yet you are not bringing any ideas to the forum, you are bringing others ideas with no opinion of your own
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