DIY Cob cree cxb3590 200w (3500k)

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    Greetings to all,
    since joining the team again, I leave the crop feature which will be varied:

    32x32x63 Grow Room
    Lighting: 4 cobs CXB 3590 (3500k) HLG-185H-driver C1400A (200w)
    15 Flowerpot 3L
    4 BubbleGum (00 seeds)
    2 PCK (Cannabiogen) 2 different phenes hopefully leave one seed purple :)
    1 Blue Dream (Humboldt seeds) Seed
    1 Super Skunk (Sensi Seeds) Seed
    2 Green Poison (Sweet Seeds)
    1 Northern Light (Nirvana)
    3 kalashnikova (GHS)
    1 Cream Mandarine (Sweet Seeds)

    Temp: min 24 ° - max 28.5 °
    Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi (for the first time I'll try) Great White

    At the moment I'm growing season (18/6) and got the driver to 70% power, the smaller are rooted clones nebulizer some were very small by which I have to give a few days to go to flowering.

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    Going to get crowded in there, no?

    Vicarious1989 Member

    Apology not quite understand your question I am from another country and just understand your language, you can ask me the question another way

    Vicarious1989 Member

    Day 21 Flowering

    Sorry for not e been reporting more often, and too busy, the plants are already doing their buds, the moment a pH 6.1 and a very high ec 2.0 I think it is due to the application of mycorrhizae, they are sucking as they deserve also and supported by a bit more than N, Cal, mg, which are the poison green are standard with mycorrhizae do not eat much in fact you can tell much more dark green which will give them a lower ec I think and are reaching their limit but going well so far, with 18 days began to show trichomes, temperature me increased to 29 ° minimum 20 °, the aveces humidity rises me quite round 60% to 80% which is worrying me, add a good dehumidifier we will see as we find in you the next day, the problem with the dehumidifier is rising temp me to lose moisture and that is giving me headaches will tell you as soon follows.

    20161023_200256.jpg 20161023_200521.jpg

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    did you get good result ?

    klozetgrow Well-Known Member

    What he said

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