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    Downtowntillman Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it's not just the little town I'm from that's exploding with the new THC cartridges.


    The one on the left is from Amber industries. Very potent. The one on the right I've only had 1 so I can't give an accurate rating. I've seen some other brands


    I wasn't really pleased with this brand. I would not pick this one first. I've recently started making cannabutter. I fell in love with it after the first time. It helped my back pain and with my anxiety being debilitating at times this is a fix for it. I love the mental stability it gives. I've never felt better than when I'm medicating with butter !

    I remember sitting there when I was a teen-ager and dreaming of this day. If it will just migrate East at a little faster pace I'll be just perfect!
    Sir Napsalot

    Sir Napsalot Well-Known Member

    I don't buy dope
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    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    Yep, the cartridges are great, especially when on the go. I traded a bunch of weed for Supreme Fuel vape carts recently, Blue Dream, Bubblegum, Green Crack, Sour diesel, etc. I thought I'd need a specialized vaping apparatus, but it turns out that they simply screw into my e-cig batteries. I brought the Bubblegum cartridge to a gig this last weekend, took about 3 hits and was blasted. It was such a great high when it settled, I sounded great and the music was super enjoyable. I still prefer weed over concentrates, and I almost always smoke when at home. Still selling TONS of brownies, I'm a little burnt out on edibles, though...
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    Downtowntillman Well-Known Member

    I use it at work. After grinding for a few hours I can medicate and be ready to go another round without anyone knowing the difference. I made some butter tonight. It's in the separation phase.....


    I'm fairly new to edibles so I'm like a kid at Christmas. I got a long day today and I've been without for over 2 weeks. This is gonna be a great morning!

    HelpHub Well-Known Member

    I've been making carts at home the past couple months. That was a fun rabbit hole to fall down and figure out.

    I still do it the cheap-ass way with shatter and a liquidizer. The cool kids use distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes. The terpenes cost waaay more than the shatter!

    jerryb73 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, how much does a .5g cart cost and how long does it last? We don’t have stuff like that here, well probably black market but I can’t find it, probably cuz I don’t fuck with many people.

    Moldy Well-Known Member

    In NV a half gram disposable vape for Durban is 40 bucks. I haven't tried one yet as I don't usually "buy dope" but I'm going into blue states on vacay and need a way to medicate discreetly.
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    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member

    My buddy says 8 days. I have one but don't hit it exclusively, he does though.

    I've seen prices from high twenties to $70 on the consumer end, ridiculously high prices out of dispensaries here. I've also see 2.3 gm. long carts out of dispensaries, but they aren't very discreet and are expensive as hell.

    Out of state dispensary imports maybe 3 for $100 here without a greedy middle man. Bootleg a hair less. You can find them for more, you can find them for slightly less. You know how that goes. And they jack up prices on certain strains based on hype. I've seen $70 .5's out of Vegas also for what they called Chernobyl.

    Wasn't any better than the others.

    Also, you don't really know if it's the flavor or the strain they're hyping. They add terp flavor because the flavor cooks out, terps are lost. So you could have say OG Kush, refine it down and then flavor it like Gorilla Glue.

    So when you see one marked a certain strain, it might just be the flavor.

    In my experience, they're all good. So don't buy the $70 ones unless you're rich and in love with the flavor ;-).
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    ANC Well-Known Member


    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    I recently got a hold of a couple carts made by 'The Clear' co. outta Cali. So choice, top quality product. Blows away the other brand I've tried made locally in every category. Not surprising at all, they know their art out there. Flavors are fantastic. On their website they say 'naturally derived terpenes via steam distillation'. I can imagine in the near future, once the floodgates of recreational open, every cannabis consumers home will have a convenient appliance to make their own hq concentrates.
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    Downtowntillman Well-Known Member

    In a dispensary they run from 30$-40$ and in a black market setting they are 50$-60$

    They will last anywhere from 2 to 5 days. If you are planning on switching completely to cartridges and no bud. I'm gonna say 2 days if you're a heavy toker. Maybe 3 because I'm a freaking category 5 stoner. I smoke over 7 times a day and that's at least a half gram each sitting. Include edibles and it does cut the urge to smoke down. I love that part of it.
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    Michigan this year. Ohio in 2019. Illinois....dominoes. Does this make anyone uneasy? I've wondered.

    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member

    You can go through a cart in 2 days?

    You need a tolerance break or something. 2 - 3 hits and I'm good for a while. A long while, but I have to get shit done too.

    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    The only problem I have with legalization is that people are going to fuck up cannabis for the rest of us, the same way they did the coco plant and the poppy, by processing the shit out of it until it's downright dangerous, or maybe even lethal. I know the flowers themselves are absolutely safe to use, but what happens when you start using hardcore chemistry to identify and isolate individual cannabinoids in industrial lab settings the way they did with the poppy plant to produce heroin and morphine? The next thing you know you've got some seriously debilitating shit on par with opiates, and that's NOT what the fuck I want to see at all.

    The coco tree and poppy were always valued, and never a problem where they grew for their respective cultures until some assholes decided to try and isolate the drug compounds making them stupid strong and potentially LETHAL to use. I see the same shit happening to our favorite plant.
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    Lol, say what? What the hell is a coco plant?
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    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    Ya got your choices


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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    He wasn't talking about a Coco Tree ,surely. Or Cocoa. Coca I presume?
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    First pic is Cocoa (chocolate), second is coconut. What does that have to do with anything?

    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member

    A. Just keep doing what you're doing night now then.

    B. I always tried to find the highest quality fire seeds, always chasing something better, never satisfied. I love extracts these days and they're still not addicting so I don't really get your point.
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    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    That's an argument for legalization. Right now the plants are illegal while a controlled synthetic version is legal. Coca, poppy or cannabis. How is legalizing the plant for people to grow themselves not a better situation? You can stay underground even after legalization, doing the same thing, the only thing that changes is the profit margin when you go to sell it. Wait...
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