Dinafem Blue Amnesia XXL- 2nd grow

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    I have a similar post to this under the category Grow Journal, but it has gotten no attention. Maybe this is the best place for it. Anywho... this is my second grow. I have a 2×4 foot tent lit with a Mars Hydro 300w LED. The soil is a mix of 60/40 Fox Farm's Ocean Forest/garden dirt in a 20L pot and I will use FF's trio of nutrients. The Blue Amnesia XXL bean by Dinafem was sprouted from seed on July 24th. It has been amazing to watch grow. As opposed to my photoperiod bagseed, this dude has been crazy to watch so far. This morning the third set of leaves growing were tiny and by lunch were almost as big as the others. I'm not sure about what else to put for now, but will upload all the photos I have and continue to post in both threads. Any help is welcome and I'm open to ridicule/shit giving. In case anyone would like to start with the original post, it is titled "2nd grow Blue Amnesia XXL". Happy growing all!

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    This plant continues to amaze. It is growing very fast and changing every day. There will be a new set of leaves in the morning, and by bed time those leaves will be bigger! I'm super excited that i chose this as my second grow, though I'm definitely ready to start my grow idea after this. Using a feminized Pineapple Express or GG#4×WW to start in a 2×4 tent, I wish to take clones that I can scrog grow in a 4×4, or possibly bigger, and once big enough snip a clone from them to restart in my 2×4 tent. Kind of perpetual.

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    Looking good, keep us posted on the progress.
    Happy Growing.:bigjoint:
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    What net yield & number of plants did u get with the Mars 300 (I’m assuming u only use one light) ???

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    This is my first time using the Mars. Before, I used 4 indoor/outdoor 90w 4800k bulbs in desk lamps for veg and 120w 2700k for flower. I didn't weigh it either, but probably around an oz. on 1 bagseed plant

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