Dinafem Auto White Widow Flowering time

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    I know the Flowering times posted by breeders are usually wishful thinking.

    My Dinafem White Widow just started flowering a couple days ago, The breeder listed flowering at a little over 10 weeks.. Is this from seed to harvest or flowering in general?

    anyone had any experience growing out the WW with flower times?

    Also, She started flowering at around 5 1/2 weeks from seed if that's any help

    thanks gents
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    They give you their estimate of flowering time. You can veg for years if you want to.

    Did she start flowering on her own or did you flip to 12/12 lighting?


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    breeders give you the time it takes from seed for auto's and from flip for photo's.
    finish time for them is done in a room that provides every resource a plant will need,
    If your space does the same your results will be similar too. your plant will grow to its weakest resource.
    if you deny it resources it could take longer to mature

    watch trichomes to be sure. harvest when they're all cloudy to beginning amber for best results.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    DOH! Just noticed it's about an auto so the time estimate is sprout to crop. My bad. brickwall.gif


    AutoNorCal Well-Known Member


    The web site says 75 to 80 days flowering time. They mean that's when he plant is suppose to finishing flowering. Depending on the phenotype it may take slightly longer or shorter. Most breeders are typically wrong about their assessment of completion time. It's not unusual for auto flowers to pre-flower around five weeks sometimes earlier sometimes longer. Environmental conditions as well as genetics play in important part in the timeline development.

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