Digi Ballasts and the Quick Fix

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    it seems what was once a rare incidence of RFI(Radio Frequency Interference)
    with these 'new' digital ballasts is now a common occurrence, with many brands.
    IMO, buy the lamp, test it out, if it fails send it back, get it replaced, as the static
    will not only hassle the fuck outta you but also your neighbors for yards/meters
    So now, the very same makers of this hassle have solved the issue ...for a price $30.60 and yes ....you need 2.

    nanolux input.jpg

    Input Filter
    Install in-line with the IEC input power cord of the ballast - reduces conducted emissions to electrical wiring
    Max Conducted Emission Reduction: 45dB (0.45MHz - 30MHz)
    Max Radiated Emission Reduction: 23dB (30MHz - 1000MHz)
    Input Voltage: 120/240/277VAC
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Max Current: 15A

    nanolux output.jpg
    Output Filter
    Install onto the output cord of the ballast - reduces RF levels of any digital/electronic power supply
    Output filter comes with a "standard" male plug, an adapter is needed for HF ballasts
    Max Conducted Emission: 25dB (0.45MHz - 30MHz)
    Max Radiated Emission: 25dB (30MHz - 1000MHz)
    Max Voltage: 600V
    Max Current: 10A

    yeah max volts is 600w

    Good Luck

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Ahhh that's interesting, those are exactly like the ones your car has, to keep the AM interference from distributorless ignition systems, coil on plugs being the usual culprit, but even standard cam driven ignition systems pick up that interference.
    Cool shit
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    More than one CIA employee has wrapped their

    monitor cable in kitchen foil for the same reason ....lol

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    the new cars have all their wires with reverse polarity wires wrapping in the opposite direction, sorta like an insulator, only those wires communicate with the BUS
    weird shit, but with like 6 different computers on the newer cars, it's crucial they don't get a wrong input
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    ButchyBoy Well-Known Member

    Very nice find!

    dodacky Active Member

    nice although you would think if the ballasts are making rf problems they would have something inbuilt to correct it. better shielding etc.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Yeah even my pc mouse has a little round thing attached to the cord

    I think a ferrite rod ..?

    if I remember right?

    back from the pc days in the 1980's ..?

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    I prefer can bus over analog inputs lol. You can probe 12v all day into those can wires and nothing will happen. Even better, one diagnostic port that checks everything with a 2 way can bus. But yeah, if the ignitor filter fails, you get "interference" just like you said, it will be heard through induced current and AM radio stations. Same with the diode pack in the alternator, actually everything. High voltage A/C will make noise without a filter/diode. The newer cars still have them, but built into the fusebox ect.
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Man, I never thought i'd turn into one of those guys that is always talking about how the "older" cars are easier to work on...
    But damnit, if I get one more fucking car that makes me get a manufacturer specific scantool to reset the damn steering angle sensor....
    Feel like choking someone..

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    LOL! Yeah bro. We gotta buy our own shit.
    Snap-on solus ultra ftw!

    Headwaste Member

    I read that.Thanks.What I wanted to know do electrical engineers or electricians, anyone that knows from trying it.Is it real science?I only know about tube guitar amps and distortion and harmonics from the bulbs.

    hondagrower420 Well-Known Member

    I love my solus. After you by all they keys and the euro/exotic kit they are pretty kool.

    It's a money game for car manufacturers. You have to go to them.

    I cut a can bus line in a hummer right at the firewall inside the grommet.

    Ended up needing a whole harness. Cough cough $3000.

    God damned I love insurance.
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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Ouch! I would have just repaired it lol but hey, insurance? Why not! Fuck i love my solus bro lol i get people from random shops paying me 80$ to check & reset lol

    I've dropped an intake valve on my old k20z right after torquing the head back down(popped stock gasket at 12psi lol!). My buddy did a shit job on the head =( boy was that a lesson learned

    hondagrower420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I rent mines too.

    I'm learning the ins and outs of kpro right now.

    I just love my b20/gsr/type r. I pound it with boost. No traction at full tilt. Lay tires at 100mph.
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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Hey that was my shit back in the day. I had a 93 gutted cx hatch b20/gsr n/a w/ls trans omg that fucker pulled like no tomorrow for a long trans, i couldn't imagine boost with it lol 3rd gear and im slapping 110mph @8k. Then i bought a del sol and slapped a k20z1 with a turbonetics/greddy/kpro combo, that fucker was impossible to floor unless your on the freeway it was almost boring when the wheels spin everywhere you punch it. Torque steer for fucking days lol
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    mucha_mota Well-Known Member

    im using 3 of these :

    paying about $32 (each) delivered for these emi filters. been using them several months with very good results.

    even though i roll magnetic ballast i see an improvement in my wi-fi connex. and, i noticed the cable company emi patrol in my area a year ago which had me wondering. better safe.

    i stopped using digi ballasts completely. let alone its the city & houses are very very close.


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