Did these plants turn hermie ??

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    Highflyn New Member

    hi everyone, ok so currently in beginning of week 8 for a 9 week feminized crown royale strain from crop king seeds. They seem to be going ok other then a couple defieciency issues along the way. 4 week veg under 8-2’ t5s and then flowered under 600 w hps. Fox farm tiger bloom every other watering and plants seemed to be growing great!
    I have been vegging two seedlings in the same closet that I’ve blocked off although I’m concerned the cheapo tent be fusion hut has leaks.
    Two days ago I noticed the structure of the buds looked somewhat different, almost like they were developing sacs. I’ve researched the topic and what is described as bananas or nanners I can’t clearly find any although some buds look kinda like those.
    Regardless I stressed out after I opened what I believed to be a seed sac and indeed found a very small green ball which to me resembles a seed, sorry no pics.
    With that I chopped all 4 plants and trimmed the larger leaves. No I’m worried I fcked up and panicked too soon!!!

    Either way the damage is done now and would love for anyone to comment on whether they did in fact hermie and if so what will the smoke be like and if I fcked up how do you feel two weeks early will turn out.

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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    You probably screwed up. Nothing you pictured indicates seeds or hermies. Swollen calyxes near completion are not seeds.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Hard to say from the pics .

    Cannabis looks pretty wierd in week 4-6 . You might be fine.

    They start to fatten up and get their bud structure the last two weeks befor harvest

    Maybe take better pics , purple strains can be finniky and herm easier than some

    Highflyn New Member

    Damn it!!

    Ya it’s the really weird growth that was messin with me, kind of like a foxtail thing although it’s more like multiple sacs.
    My good friend had trouble with crop seed kings with that 2 out of 5 hermied on him, not saying that’s my case because it’s most likely my dumb ass that panicked. I love growing this plant but damn it was hard taking in all the info fast enough to keep things running smooth.

    Can anyone comment on there experience with early weed?
    Trichomes are 60-70% cloudy and don’t see any amber.
    Buds have some reddish hairs but overall still a lot of white hair.

    Lots of crystals on 2 of the 4 and smell rip as fck, but concerned about the other two.
    Thanks for any replies and appreciate any experience you throw my way!

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Wait at least 2 weeks. Maybe three.

    Harvesting early youll lose a shitload of weight, and smell.

    Be patient. If you got seeds your probably fuckd anyway, misewell ride it out and hope your good.

    And dont use crop king anymore, find a breeder online and buy seeds or clone directly. Lots of seed banks dont throw away old stock and often dont properly store them.

    Careful man

    Antitheist Well-Known Member

    Way too early man. They'll probably catch you a buzz but may be weird or give you a headache. Should have held off till you got some answers on here. I've smoked premature but not that premature .
    Good luck dude

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