DHP Presents Citizen Cob 1812 3500k 80CRI Vs 1812 3500k 90 CRI

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by The Dawg, Jan 21, 2017.

    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Welcome Brother Rokus. I'm Not A Graph Nor Am I A Spec Sheet Grower. Rather I Play Around With Different Spectrums And See What The Plant Like's And I Try To Improve. However @CobKits Has Lot's Of Graphs So Maybe If We Rub The Magic Lamp Just the Right Way He May Provide Us With One. I Also Agree The Red Is Not The Only Thing That Affecting The Plant. :hump:
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Welcome Brother bles Ahhh Your Very 1st Led Grow. You Will Find The Frost Is Off Da Wall Compared To Hps.

    Hey Know What HPS Stands For?????????? Yep Hot Piece of Shit :hump:
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    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    assuming those are gen5 chips, graphs on my site for 3500k:

    80 cri red peak is at 600nm with little output over 680 nm
    90 cri red peak is at 630nm with substantial output over 680 nm


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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I bought the last Photon 180 with 1818 3500k 90cri. It is noticeably warmer, redder than Vero 3500k 80cri. Pistils never look real white under it as under the 80 cri Veros. It sure seems to make bigger buds and a couple days quicker.
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    Crusher026 Member

    Finaly caught up threat!
    @The Dawg u put up some serious work on this one man!

    Im new into indoor growing
    Still have to set up my first project.
    (It will be a micro in an old fridge running a mars hydro 300)
    But after maybe one or two yeilds im gonna build me a cob stealth closet.
    Im just looking for what parts i would need(i like to plan three steps ahead of my self) and im already having a hard time finding those 1818 3500k 90cri chips here in europe..
    Lookin forward on your next run!
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Right On My Brother Thank You And Welcome. I Know Ppl Will Say The 1818's Is More Efficient Than The 1812's. I Believe The 1818's Are Like 2% More Efficient However The 2% Increase Compared To The Price Of The 1812's Well Imho The 1812's are A Better Value Than The 1818's. Stealth Fridge Build I Like It Below Is A Picture Of My Grow Cab. I Built It To Put In A Closet However When I Built Her I Had A 400 Watt CMH And The Heat Was Off Da Chart. So I Outed Her And Brought Her Out Da Closet. The
    Bluer Cob Is A Cree CXB 3590 5000K 80 Cri And The Cob With The Reflector On Is A Citizen 1212 3500k 90 Cri :hump:
    IMG_6108.JPG IMG_6123.JPG IMG_6124.JPG IMG_6125.JPG
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    Crusher026 Member

    Hi dawg!
    Thanks for the reply!
    As i was sayin im no where near setting up a cob grow..
    But i will definitely start a threat about the build once i got the parts sorted..
    But those cri 90's are hard to find..
    Doesnt matter if its 1818,1812 or 1212 cant find them any where besides digikey but u pay a ton!
    Contacted jerry from kingbrite on ali awaiting his response..
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    DonBrennon Well-Known Member

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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    I Will Be Showing Defoliation Before And After Pics. I Also Up Each Lamp 50 Watts For A Total Of 350 Watts Or 175 Each :hump:

    80 Cri
    IMG_6140.JPG IMG_6144.JPG IMG_6145.JPG IMG_6146.JPG

    90 Cri

    IMG_6141.JPG IMG_6142.JPG IMG_6143.JPG IMG_6159.JPG IMG_6160.JPG IMG_6161.JPG
    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    After Defoliation :weed:


    80 Cri
    IMG_6151.JPG IMG_6154.JPG

    90 Cri

    IMG_6148.JPG IMG_6149.JPG IMG_6153.JPG IMG_6152.JPG
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    you should strip all the leaves and see what happens ! lol...................woof, steelers, woof
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Hummmmmm Sounds Like Brother P Wants To Test Dawgie The Greek Again. Bring On Mr Stay Puff We Will Mop Steeler Nation With Him.bongsmilie

    Pssst What Was That You Dumped In A Chinese Restaurants Dumpster???????? :hug:
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Was a Greek restaurant's dumpster actually........ on second thought I should have sent that shit to you for some squishing: ) probably more mold in your wood paneling than on those buds, lol

    I'll find a dirty old yellow towel, it's on bitch! Their unleashing a pissed off Antonio brown on your asses...... reed will panic and drop the run game, maybe.

    You can keep the spread too, we know who has the better coach.
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Your On Brother P.... I Have 1 Question Do You Know What "Nemesis" Means???????????????? :hump:


    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Should see layer cake, way better movie.......... Pittsburgh's D line is gonna tear up your frail boy. Call him a waaaaambulance tomorrow, ok?

    Lol, haven't watched one Steeler game this season.
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    Rokus Active Member

    Hey Cobkits thanks for those.
    Exactly what i thought, more deep reds. Its interesting to see it having it's effect in veg alredy, while a lot of growers start using more reds in flower.

    I just bought 2 red meat 1211 cobs from lumileds, and I am more than ready to give them a try in my next grow to add as additional lights. I also got 2 'marbled meat' cobs which also bump up the blue and the red peak is even more shifted towards the infrared range, they almost look like blurple but still white.
    But the efficiency is not that good at all, allthough I am not sure if all is measured..:
    Schermafbeelding 2017-10-17 om 21.10.18.png

    However the spectrum is unparraleld
    Schermafbeelding 2017-10-17 om 21.10.34.png

    Possibly even too much far red with the marbled meat cob!

    I am planning to use 2 red meat cobs in a grid of 15 cxb3590cobs in total over a 3x4 space, thats a very small space for so many cobs but I wil run them without lenses at low amps nice and close to the canopy to maximize efficiacy.

    so 2x red meat
    4x 4000K 80cri
    1x 5000K 90cri!
    3x 3500K 80cri

    ànd 5x 3500K 90cri Cree!
    CXB3590-0000- 000N0UBD35H

    But NO spectral graph of those to be found anywhere, so I hope they have that little extra deep red I am looking for and not just more green... Possibly it would have been better to have gone with the 3000K 90cri...

    keep up the awesome experiments guys!

    smoke em

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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    1st On The List Is Da Dawgie Dawg Has A Brand Spanking New Granddaughter :P
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Now On That Note I'm Going To Inform Ya That I Split The Lady Under The 90 Cri From Asshole To Appetite. I Taped It Back Together And 12 Hours Later The Leaves Are Now Pointing Skyward Again So Basically Its A Wait And See If Any ILL Effects Are To Be Seen. :wall:

    IMG_6196.JPG IMG_6197.JPG IMG_6208.JPG IMG_6205.JPG IMG_6206.JPG

    The Affected Branch About 12 Hours Later

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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    ^^^^superglue works really well too, just like on human skin:)

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the granddaughter! Mine has my number, gets whatever she wants, and knows it! lol

    No worries on that branch she'll be back in full swing in a couple of days, I did much the same with the TPR I have going early in veg, it just grew another cola and carried on :)
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