Deficiency using Jacks 3-2-1

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Big Green Thumb, Dec 5, 2017.

    Big Green Thumb

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    Details: I am growing several different strains in 2:1 coco/perlite. They are getting fed Jack's hydro, Jack's calcium nitrate, and Epsom salt. Mixing 5 gallons of nutes at a time using RO water with 18 grams hydro, 12 grams Cal nitrate, and 6 grams Epsom salt. All plants are being fed via Blumats from a single 13 gallon reservoir. They never receive straight water -- nutes all day, everyday. These plants are being switched to 12/12 today in a 5x5 tent running about 700 watts of led strips (500 overhead and 200ish from side lighting). More side lighting will be added soon and overhead wattage will be increased. Total wattage will be 1000-1200.

    I have only 1 Cookie Wreck plant and it is showing magnesium deficiency plus the new leaves on all of the plants seems lighter than past grows. If I get home early enough to get a pic I will post it up later tonight.

    Should I up the amount of all nutes, and to what level? Or should I just up Cal and mag nutes, or just add some calmag?

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    I like the way you grow. I grow in 100% coco with blumats. You can definitely bump up your nutes. I use VitaGrow which is a three part but very similar in composition to Jacks overall. You can probably up the nutes a little. What's the ppm of your solution? I'm thinking you're around 700 so you have room to bump it up. I don't see any need for calmag since you're getting calcium from the calcium nitrate and magnesium from the magnesium sulfate.
    Looking forward to pictures. Blumats and coco is a growers dream once dialed in.
    Big Green Thumb

    Big Green Thumb Well-Known Member

    I keep working too late and get home after the plants' bedtime so I haven't been able to get a pic. They seem to be doing better. My last batch of nutes I used the same amount of salt nutes but put it in 4 gallons of water instead of 5, so it is stronger. I just tested my reservoir and according to my really cheap chinese tds tester, it is at somewhere between 1300 and 1500 ppm. The plants are not showing any nutrient burn from what I can tell in the dark. lol

    This is my thread from the last grow. It was in a 4x4 shelving unit and this time it is in a 5x5 tent and a 2x3 cabinet.
    I got 1 pound 6 oz last grow (my second grow) so maybe I can do 2.5 this time. Woot!

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I guess I was wrong about your ppm level.

    mcnasty_nug Member

    make sure youre temps are in the mid 80s, pump the mag/sulfate up to 2g per gallon. I went with jacks 3-2.5-2 jack/cal/mag. Had the same problem when I moved over to LEDs. Raising temps and upping the mag fixed it.. Pacific light concepts website said to bump to mag up to 90ish ppm, thats where I found this info.

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