Decarboxylation Decarbing Question . Does it even matter ?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by iknownothink, Jun 21, 2018.


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    Thanks, im going to look at it.
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    Been making edibles for several years now, I have used just about every method in the book, several times over with different product. From these 'trials' what i have gathered is decarbing helps bring the cannabis up to temp(for thca transition) faster, reducing the 'cook' time with little to no loss of quality. Like mentioned in an earlier post, if you make brownies and are baking at 300-350 F internal temps won't reach effective decarb state with in the 30 mins you'll be baking... reducing the effectiveness IMO. I always decarb bud/trim, my vaped product is just added after the fact. Check out a sous vide for cooking. No smell, set water temp/timer then go play some video games...
    Decarbing is not a necessity, but it helps increase potency, and allows for more thorough thc to bind with that fat! My 2 cents.

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