Dealing with paranoia?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by hawse, Aug 25, 2018.


    hawse Well-Known Member

    So some strains really give me pretty bad paranoia lately it seems. Some things I've noticed:

    Paranoia is a whole lot worse if I'm already stressed bad about something going on in my life, although I'll get those feelings even if I'm not stressed about something in my life.

    Some strains don't give me that feeling, but some will some of the time, and not others.

    I've got a nice vape mod with CBD oil that I use to combat these side effects, and it works pretty well, although now that I've found a strain that has zero paranoia I just use it instead.

    So what are your experiences with this? As a medical user, I found it really important to get the right strain. The problem is that I get more paranoia with "up" type strains (sativa dom or whatever) but I also like these strains for the energy I get in the day time. Advice?

    Edit: I should add by "paranoia", I mean paranoia and anxiety...
    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    Alcohol is a common factor in anxiety issues

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    H and S.

    What do you mean?
    Alcohol for me is the opposite of parinoid.?

    I cut my hash or edibles with CBD, until I don't get the sometimes negitive aspects of THC for me. Strain hunting is an ongoing thing. (Keep the seed banks in buisness..) I look for strong body effect strains with less racey trippy mind buzz. Indica dominant, the more narcotic the better. Also I let my plants fully mature/Amber up, for a body buzz.

    CBD cut allows me to ingest more THC medicine.

    DoubleAtotheRON Well-Known Member

    I get the same thing from different strains. I've had Indica's (GDP) give me a nice introduction, and then 2 hours later, Im all jittery, Purple Nile works flawless for me, but then again, White widow is good for me too if I micro dose. It's all about your mood going into a session, your thoughts, etc. But you can micro dose just about any of them and see how it goes for you. Your body/mind will almost never react the same way with the same dose/strain if you are prone to anxiety/panic with a clear mind. Everyone has the time on their hands to micro dose.

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    If certain strains have the effects you don't want, then I'd be tempted to go for strains with a lower THC content as, to put it simply, if you're vaping CBD to combat the symptoms then you're using the CBD to nullify the effects of THC.

    Just a guess, but maybe worth considering.

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