Day 40 wake up.

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    So today i woke up and thought my wife was in the process of trying to kill me. It smelled like she had poured a 50 gallon drum of gas in the house. From under the door i see orange (thinking fire) I spring for my extinguisher and open the door to find my wife has left all the tents open and all the doors in the house. Bypassing filtration. Ive been traped in my house for hours untill my scrubbers catchup, and it given me time to have a chat with my girls, and make a solid plan for their last three weeks of life. So I guess I should Thank my wife?!?
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    Dont let wives, girlfriends or any non growers in or near your tents, if they want to see weed growing tell them to go buy their own seeds and lights and find their own space....
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    Twentysome years in and I just got her to understand we arent partners in the grow room. Im the boss. I had to take drastic measures to show her shes wrong. I stuffed my tent with too many plants last grow because she felt like it was a better idea than the one ive gone with for the last couple decades. I did everything she thought was better. She is a bad ass trimmer, and when it came time to harvest she appologised because she had seen first hand how much she was wrong. I am thankful all she did was take a peek and forget.
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    I feel you bro haha
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