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Dr.Amber Trichome

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WOW been following your having killer road trip those hikes are sweet! Hope to see some artwork inspiration.
No doubt dude/ I’m like a ping pong ball bouncing from west coast to east coast and now back to the west coast: serviced my biggest investment today. My vehicle. Shit man, another oil change already. I bought her with 333 miles iin Feb. a new 2024 Toyota Corolla cross AWD Hybrid and now she has 11,500 miles. I am gong to focus more on art here. I got my MFA at UC Berkeley . Where I had my first studio at they turned it into a Whole Foods. That’s hysterical because we had THE most Ghetto studios. Grad students with trailers and garages and port a potties. lol. It was like , what the hell? We all thought it was like a top notch school. Next year we got moved to a better indoor location in Richmond. It should be interesting retracing some old digs.


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Reminds me of some dead and company. My sister just saw them in Las. Vegas at the sphere.
she showed me some videos she took. That show looked so amazing. She said they added some other sensory stuff like wind and rain drops. I would t mind seeing Tool at that place.
I am 100% down for Tool at the sphere!!! My brother saw them last year I think in London, he said it was killer.