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    Hi all, been using Coco for over 3 years now.. and loving it!
    and i don't understand why more don't give it a try..it really is amazing stuff especially if you like the biggest yields and the fastest growing weed!

    Well my tap water has very low ec around 70, so i always used sum type of CalMag, as Epsom Salts never worked, but then last year i gave it sum thought, and worked out it was mainly Calcium i need, so i started making my own.

    I make my calcium spray by using the shells from 5-6 boiled eggs, i then crush them well, then boil all the shells in a pan of 3 litres of water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour then remove from the heat and allow it to cool for 48 hours. Strain the water off the shell fragments and spray!!.
    I then store mine in an airtight container in an cool dark place.

    Do any of you make your own using eggshells?
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    You must be mistaken about your tap water EC as an EC of 3.2 is 1600 ppm on the Hanna scale and 2240 on the Truncheon scale. An EC of even 7 would be over double that. Not good for your plants or you. :)

    Is your tap water supplied by a city/town? Call them and ask for a copy of their latest water testing report. Should be free and they can likely email it to you. Tell them you want to make beer or raise fish and need to know what's in the water if they ask. You may have more than enough Ca and Mg in your water already.

    I've made my own multiple nitrates from grinding up eggs shells from our chickens, adding pure nitric acid slowly on a magnetic stirrer then filtering the sol'n into a glass pie plate and evaporating to crystals. Egg shells have lots more than calcium in them so it's not pure calcium nitrate. I was running water truck at an oil rig a while back and they had pallets of calcium nitrate for use in the mud and I asked the mud man if I could have a can of it thinking a coffee can full should last me forever. I got back later and when I went to my trailer there was two 5gal pails of it sitting at the steps. I'll never run out now! :D

    You won't get as much Ca in your boiled water sol'n without acid but it does work. It's in the form of calcium carbonate and needs some acid in there to leach the Ca etc out of the shells. A bit of vinegar would help and will be neutralized byt the carbonate. Citric acid works well and can usually be bought at the drug store on that little section of shelf that has odd chemicals like Salt Peter, (potassium nitrate, KNO3) which can be used to add K to your plants. Or boric acid that can be used to treat a boron deficiency.

    Probably best to grind the shells to powder and add it to the soil when mixing up a batch for your plants or use dolomitic lime for Ca and Mg or gypsum for Ca and S.

    Here's a link to making it that is pretty much the same as what you are doing.

    I tried coco about 14 years ago and it killed my plants but I didn't flush it as I didn't know at the time so my bad. I can't get it here either but can get ProMix HP so use that mixed with their veg and herb or their potting soil. All easily available and was on sale this last fall so have around a 1000L of all 3 put together. Should last for a while. :)

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