Cut early and dry with light cycle still going to mature

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    slinkysaurus Well-Known Member

    Very stoned conversation with my friend just now. But he might have come up with a great idea. You be the judge---

    We got discussing how possible it was to allow the plant to finish maturing it's last few days whilst cut,(cut at milky tricks) With light cycle still going for a week to aid in drying and allow them to mature to aittle amber....seems like not a bad idea...But everything always does when you're high
    I'm talking an all lit light show for a week solid. But a few days until it's actually dead git me thinking how possible it was.

    Please give your input. Cos at the moment I'm 1 word away from Chopping 5 days early!
    If no one's tried it then I'll be Guinee Pig haha.
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    For what purpose ?

    You want the cut plant to STOP photosynthesis when you cut it , so hanging in a box , closet or dark space will keep the GREEN taste down. There is zero benefit to hanging in full light as drying is NOT controlled slowly and will be force dried by ambient heat.

    It like cooking a damn steak .... you pull it at the right DONENESS and let it REST .
    A controlled RH environment and temp allows the buds to express the drying at more even rate.

    You can guinea pig it but when it goes south or is less than stellar , it is what it is.
    The Dry and Cure is one of the most important steps.

    A variation you COULD try is this :

    Pull plant completely out of grow area .
    Wet trim it ( still in pot ) .
    Find a place out of intense light .
    No water or anything, just leave it in pot.
    Let it go completely dry ( pot is light weight when lifted. )
    You can let it DRY ON THE VINE sort to speak .....
    until you are ready to clip buds ( to either jar or brown bagged to further step down RH ).

    Hygrometer in jar or bag to MONITOR RH buildup and where it falls will help determine when they can be jarred for storage and minor burping.


    BBD128AB-9C29-405E-9381-5A2AF84762B0.jpeg FFAA59DD-BB75-4CCD-8D8C-72930E8BD3B5.jpeg F73E0344-11C4-46CB-9138-6240679B637D.jpeg

    slinkysaurus Well-Known Member

    The purpose was to allow the plants to continue to photosynthesises for the few days they are still “alive” after they have been cut. I wasn’t talking a week of light but 2-3 days Of lights on , I can’t see a problem? The plants are still alive and growing for a few days.

    Appreciate your input tho. I've been growing for years so harvest time is nothing new. I just wanted to try something different as I'm on a very tight time constraint this time

    There are 12 1800 watt LED’s, chop at the main stem and leave only 1 of lights to come on for a few days while the plants are hanging. Surely there is a window here where they continue to grow. Discuss please!

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    I did a little experiment this go around sort of similar to this. during the last week, I cut off watering one plant, and let it be cut with pretty damn dry soil. The other (same genetics) I watered throughout and cut a couple days after watering. As to be expected, the dried plant dried a lot faster, too fast, and is only alright now. Great high and taste, just a bit dry. Wet plants (i forgot to mention both were dry trimmed) took about a week longer to really get to a good point, and they are wonderful, pillowy crystally good nugs.
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    Pedro420uk Active Member

    I think that as long as you kept the rhu up so the plant didn't dry out it might work butttttttttttttt then why chop it? Lol it's only make things awkward with lighting up a hanging plant correctly.

    Interesting food for a monged out mind though haha

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