Curious question about resin.

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    Was wondering if the resin that builds up in your pipe when you smoke it is the same as the resin that builds on a joint as you smoke it. This dude told me when you smoke a joint that produces natural cannabis oils while he says the stuff you scrape from like a pipe as it builds up is processed, and not clean and natural like smoking a joint, is it the same thing?

    Just curious because I smoked some amazing tasting Blue Widow resin at one point all scraped from a clean pipe and it was like tasting a fresh glass of freshly squeezed blueberry juice. Only the Blue Widow itself tasted better, best tasting cannabis I've ever had. While he says the gunk I scraped from my pipe is processed resin it still tasted smooth, fresh and clean... is it really just the quality of weed that is the real difference?

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    Nasty carbon garbage

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    Lol, i remember in the 80s we all strained bong water n scraped pipes fir resin.

    We also had chronic bronchitis and smelled like shit.
    But. ..
    We did get high

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    Thanks for your replies gentlemen. :)
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    once it's been smoked, it's pretty much useless. there is a little residual thc, enough to get you a little buzz if you've been jonesing a couple of days, but it'll also get you a headache, black goo sticky fingers, and a sore throat.
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