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    im working on upgrading my cure method as I know it's where I'm weak on at the moment.

    My last run I tried the hydro meter method, patients said they could tell it was better and the smell was stronger but to be honest i just guessed really as the hydro meter was useless.

    All the information on here says when the hydro meter drops to 55-60 that's perfect (if I remember correctly I don't have the exact rh value to hand)

    But what do people do if the RH of the room your in is already 70%

    When I have an open jar I'm about to seal it contains the current rooms Air which is 70% humidity. I then seal the jar, the RH is never going to drop below 70 is it?

    So I air out the buds longer they dry to a crisp, I put them back in the jar, (room still 70%) seal the jar and the jars at 70% it barey budged i ended up selling the bud when the hydro meter still said 70% when I was done.

    Am I doing something wrong here?
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    I can't tell you what to do besides you need to get the humidity down in the room. 55-60 would be perfect for the room to be at when you place it in the jar. However you want your Bud after you can get an accurate reading in the jar to read between 60-65 once it's leveled out. You can start the cure and burp from up to 70 is the highest you want it to go in the jar. However it increases risk for mold. 65 is what everyone shoots for. 62 is said to be safe from mold.

    Jar when room humidity is down to 55-60. People use window a/c's, heaters, and dehumidifier's to remove humidity.

    Once the humidity in the jar lowers to 55 percent cure is done and it will not cure anymore.

    High temps make the bud dry faster.
    Low temps dry slower.

    High humidity makes it dry slower.
    Low humidity faster.

    Well I am in the process of curing. I am using a window a/c to keep my temperature and lower my humidity.

    It has been drying at like 57% rh humidity and 70°

    Once they were done drying and got placed in the jar they maxed out at 64. Leveled, maxed out.

    Right now it seems to be maxing out at 60 in the jar with the temperature 70 in the jar. Window a/c running. If I turn my a/c off the temperature went up to 77 and the humidity in the jar dropped to 59 : (

    Well I turned it back on, and when it's back to 70 in the jar it should get back up to 60. Well until my next burp it will probably drop.

    If the a/c is off when I burp and the humidity is higher than in the jar I think it will essentially stop the cure.

    It's a balancing act. Drying and Curing.

    There are multiple paths to an end. Some people talk about drying and curing the whole plant all attached in a closet for months and not messing with it.

    If you don't have the means to lower the humidity the next best thing is check the weather report for your city on Google, and place your hygrometer outside and jar it outside. Assuming your area gets down that low.

    I'm not that experienced, so someone else should come along and give you some more advice.

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    Thanks for the input, I currently don't have a way of reducing humidity. I do use a specific small room only for curing but if I used a dehumidifier in there it's quite small so I reckon the dehumidifier would heat up the room quite considerably which would cause my 18c drying room to sky rocket.

    The problem I'm having is the outside humidity here is over 70% every day lately. I think our humiditity is lower in winter so I might be ok in winter but summer harvests are difficult to use a hydrometer for this reason.

    I'm interested in the freezer cure method but I can't find much info on it that could be a possibility for me

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