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    So I assume that you might be interested in this...Since you clicked on the link and all. So for the past 6 months I was using the GUNBOT (you can find it on BTC Forum) I was able to make 5% a day with this bot when it was turned on and started with $400 and now I'm at $1,600. I took all that cashola and moved to a more consistent place called BitConnect.

    The site is a high yield interest program. The average return per day is a bit less than 1%. So that's about 30% a month. It might seem too good to be true and long term it is. However its been out for a year and only recently came under some scrutiny by Great Britain, but here's the thing. It actually didn't! It was an old company that had a similar name and the actual site is up to date on all paperwork.

    If this sounds good to you please look into it more as so far I've been getting roughly $10 a day so roughly $300 a month. I will continue to roll the coins back into the program as there isn't anything that says we need to worry about the service ending soon. There are no guarantees as with any investment other wise that would be a ponzi scheme which this is not.

    If you're looking for a 5% bonus on your initial investment It doesn't make sense to not use the affiliate link below. You don't have to... But I mean you get an instant 5%.

    Please read the below information to get started... Or not if you're not interested. That's all for now... Oh here's some sources.


    How Can Bitconnect Afford To Pay Out?

    Bitconnect Trading Bot Revealed

    BitConnect: Still Active in UK

    Affiliate Link to get 5% On what ever Investment you make
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    Thats FUD and why I put the link in there from Cryptovest explaining the claims. It is a different company than Bitconnects and was going to be shut down as it hasnt been up to date on paperwork. Maybe read before posting?

    "While we previously reported that BitConnect may have come under scrutiny from the UK authorities, the oversight so far has been related to the company's activity and status.

    A more up-to-date filing of BitConnect is under the title of BITCONNECT INTERNATIONAL PLC. As such, the company is up to date on its filings, listing directors and related persons. The shutdown notice was for a company named BITCONNECT LTD."

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    And there you go.

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    Just an Update, so far I've made a bit over $350 and it goes up every day. Thats Month One.


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    So over the last 6 months, i have been intrigued by crypto currency, i began trading on IG, but i found that i recorded quite a lot of losses, but also if i held my equity in there i would have to pay huge holding fees. So i came across this platform that trades for you called USI-Tech for people that do not know what it is, this video explains it . For anyone who fancies it you can sign up from the video also, you can start from £40

    So 3 months on i started with 20 packages which is roughly about 800, currently i am sitting on 110 packs which is roughly around 4,400 worth. In the group for USI-Tech i see that people are making some serious cash out of it and in fact some millionaires. What do you think, if Bitcoin goes to 20,000 + as predicted it really could be life changing as with USI you earn 140% in 140 working days therefore you benefit for the appreciation of the Bitcoin but also the extra 140% plus each pack you receive an ice to their crypto currency which will at least trade at $10 per coin, i currently have 30 tokens . Is a win win right because if i am holding it i may as well make a little bit more on the side also, for anyone that wants to have a look

    what does everyone think, should i sell now or wait and see how it does

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    I replied in the other thread.

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