Cropking Bubba Kush and Early Vixen 315W CMH

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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    This time I am going to grow two different strains under a new light that I got today.
    Early Vixen and Bubba Kush (Back by popular demand) from Crop King Seeds.
    I started My seeds last week on the 20th and they are doing great under My CFL's
    I will be installing My new CMH unit down in the basement in a more open area than My last grows and will Do some mods to My floor to help flow water down to My sump pump and it will be easily removed to the sewer.
    I will also add a spigot for water down there so that I don't have to haul water down there anymore and I may upgrade My venting system in some way

    So these are the girls.
    The first 2 are Bubba Kush they were started 4 days after the Early Vixen

    IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0797.JPG and some room readings...

    Cute !
    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    I will try to do the Flux technique on the Early Vixen and see what I can do with the unruly Bubba Kush
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    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sunny. I knew you would like to look at something while you flower. out.
    They are growing nice couple more days and I might water. a little.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    just fixed a leaky basement myself I'm contemplating a cmh for my second growroom if it's cool I'll pull up a chair
    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    They are supposed to be as good as a 600W but they only draw 315W. so that's good for Me and My wife wont bitch about the Hydro bill as much. Aw who am I kidding. If she knew that thing cost $500 Can. She would start bitching. Right away!
    Anyways It's hobby stuff and hobby's can get expensive..
    What I like about them is that they have UV light so there will be more THC in the final product they also have a fuller spectrum of light that the plant can use that is why they are more efficient.
    I will be very excited to see My plant thriving under 85 less Watts than I am currently using.
    This is not an experiment so if My plants get larger than the footprint for this light ;-) I will add My 400W HPS back into the mix for extra light.
    Sunny's plant is what I'm trying for. That thing is just right:hump:.
    I will be experimenting with taking clones from the two strains and have a expert to show Me how so that's nice. It would be nice not to start from seed for a change.:bigjoint:

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    Coppertop87 Member

    I'm about to buy two 315's or one 630w fixture..where did you buy this one from? Hard to get decent prices in Canada.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I have a led that I replaced my 400 hps with it pulls 340 w. at the wall & I'm shooting to add another grow but still keep the cost pretty close to what I used to spend on operating my old 600 w. hps I will be using a homemade waterfarm I have 2 of them side by side with a reservoir it's working out good I'm growing a blue dream cross called doubledream I am liking sunnys grow as well
    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    That's hard to answer but, you could look up local Hydro stores in your area. That's what I did. You know the old saying "Shop local".
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Oh that's super cool. I have looked at lots of your grow stuff in the past. you are the master of DIY DWC LOL. I realy like your trying to cut back but, try to get more at the same time Ideas. We are on the same paths.
    Anyways thanks for looking at this grow I'm going to really try to amp it up a bit and get away from the short veg times and limited number of plants and grow to the space that I have.. Mmmm. sort of fill in the corners a little more...
    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Today on the farm We saw...


    Bubba Kush Baby Girl


    Early Vixen Mmmm..
    Looking good...

    IMG_0816.JPG IMG_0819.JPG
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Just dousing them in CFL goodness.
    I like using CFL's for early veg. keeps them nice and tight. I have 4-32W over each grouping so 8 bulbs right now.
    The Early Vixen will stay under the CFL's for FLUX training and I will get the Bubba Kush under the CMH as soon as I think there Is enough growth to turn on another lamp. Maybe in like 2 weeks I hope.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    Nice rich green color yeah I'm wanting small efficient grows that produce & there is definitely a lot of ins & outs I'm about to fire up my 250-400 switchable setup in a 3x3 room my Scrog is gonna be 29x29 after seeing sunnys grow I'm all fired up the strain is gonna be stardawg from dark heart nursery I've got a teenager coming should have everything up next week
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Sorry not being helpful with info so here goes.
    Plants are in Pro mix herb mixed with 20%ish perlite.
    I mix this together and water two days before I stick the sprouted seeds in.
    Then it's just tropical rain forest with the squirt bottle no water till they all have there third set of leafs. Aim for 75f+with 70%+Humidity.
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Ya Sunny's plant really jumped out of the ground. That's what I was hoping for too with My last grow.
    Anyways now I know how to grow the Bubba and I just love this strain for smokingI have 4 in the ground. LOL
    I see that You are growing Stardawg again. Any particular reason? I see that it has a longer flower time so, more sativa dom. What am I missing? Is this the stuff of My youth in Cal.?
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Here I am sitting down .
    Rebuilt My grow chamber.:

    I rotated it in the room, lowered the floor height. V'ed the floor and drilled a 1 1/2" drain hole. Then I Made the walls shinny and new. installed the light and fan and..... Done.

    The reason that I rotated it? So that I can put another grow chamber directly adjacent to it.8-).

    IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0826.JPG IMG_0827.JPG IMG_0828.JPG
    This is where the magic will happen.
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Now let's see how the wee ones are doing.
    See if you can spot the girl still wearing her shell in the first picture. LOL

    IMG_0830.JPG IMG_0831.JPG IMG_0832.JPG IMG_0833.JPG IMG_0834.JPG IMG_0835.JPG IMG_0837.JPG IMG_0838.JPG

    Attached Files:

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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Should probably shellac or varnish that wood, unless you like mold. You already taped the mylar in there so I guess it might be troublesome but I'm pretty sure you will get black mold growing on it if you don't. Could get some mold on shellacked wood too probably but it can be wiped off and hit with full strength bleach. With plain wood, probably never be able to get rid of it.
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    I never get mold just need to keep the temps and humid right. then it wont gro. IMO
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Always have fans moving air everywhere.
    As well I will be wetting all of the surfaces before I grow with water to get rid of any pollen that may be in the room. I mean that I will use a garden sprayer on all of the surfaces in the entire growing room walls, floors, ceilings everything in the basement area will get wet!
    Don't want seeds you know.

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