Crop rotation and cannabis

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    I was listening to a Jeff Lowenfels interview on KIS' podcast and it got me thinking about the issue of crop rotation and reusing soil. Both Jeff (author of teaming with microbes) and tad seem to be strong proponents of reusing the soil without break. As an organic market farmer this seems contrary to the principles of succession planting and crop rotations. How do you successfully grow in the same soil without issue of disease, pest incidences, nutrient depletion, etc. It's so contrary to everything I know and have practiced for years.

    Crop rotation is standard practice for organic farming which is why I don't understand how cannabis can continually be grown in the same spot without issue.

    This seems so foreign. Is there something that makes cannabis different from otherannual vegetable crops that allows this?

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    I'm going to reuse my soil for next spring, but not before I amend it and add organic matter

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    You're conflating agriculture (growing in a field in actual soil), with horticulture (growing in containers with a 'soiless' mix that you've constructed).

    If you were growing canna in a field like your market garden veggies you would be absolutely correct about the crop rotation, but it just doesn't apply to a container mix that you can reamend as needed or, completely replace with entirely new mix.

    My soil based raised beds are treated very different than stuff in containers with a soiless mix and is close to what you are talking about with the rotation, pests and so on.


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    That's not precisely the difference between agriculture and horticulture, horticulture doesn't imply not in soil.
    Agriculture is applied horticulture.
    Yeah, it doesn't fruit, ideally. We've bred her for flower production, so food crops aren't precisely comparable.

    But as someone who reuses soil and grows organically, I amend each season. I use raised beds and fabric pots, though.
    If there's a way to never amend, I'm all ears
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