Cream of the crop "Cash Crop"..

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    LST I just bend a twist my branches twice a day. No topping with autos. An as long as they don't get stunted in first few weeks the bottom branches have reached hgher than most my main colas. It still kinda amazes me too. Lol

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    They pretty much do it all on there own an I think DWC allows for it also. The root ball can grow with ease an allows for all branches to get the same growth rate. I grew 10 strains of autos an 90% of them round there self out like this.

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    5weeks today. Still on vedge nutes. This should be big.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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    Old thread but I felt like I needed to post my experience with cash crop.... I yielded a little over 13 ounces on two cash crop autos using DWC/5 gallon buckets and one 600 watt HPS light. I used the Lucas formula for feeding. The result was a sweet smelling, sweet tasting, very strong high grade smoke. All of my friends loved it.... I got a similar yield from auto Mazar but the quality was not great, can't recommend auto mazar but Cash Crop Auto will live up to its name when grown in a good consistent environment!!

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    IMG_2542.JPG Cash crop an Girl Scout Auto day 20!
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    Just started my cash crop about 2 days ago. Im just starting to get ready to pop out of the soil. Im running a 48"x48"x56" tent with a 300 watt led running to them thought about throwing a 100 watt cfl in there too just for a little extra light but as of right now i aint gonna stress it. I germinated straight in the soil rather than transplanting them and risking shocking them. I cant wait to see what i yeild. I chose the strain for it supposed high yeild per plant but after reading this im not so sure. Was hoping to get at least an O per plant

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    Lucas formula?

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    I wouldnt run autos on a 12 12 due to their short life span they need more hours of light to produce as they should. I think you should try a 20-4 schedule i think you will get better results
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    I am dissapointed with this strain so far. I got two freebies and threw them in my "all freebie grow".

    One of them was a weird stunted mutie. It was three leaves per node, and it was just never healthy. At various times I thought it was cal/mag, PH problems, or even fungus, but none of the other plants I was growing ever showed so much as a sign of any problems. I finally chopped it in case it had something communicable. Pulled a whopping 1/4 oz.

    The other one is still flowering. It actually looks real nice, almost like a sativa. Sparse leaves and lots of bud sites. But it is smaller than the pure Northern Lights auto I have growing next to it, which is weird for a plant that is supposed to be a Northern Lights X Big Bud.
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    Nice pic..

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    Old thread but is a great plant..! Was my 1st ever auto, and one of the first plants I grew when I started growing again a few years ago, about the time this thread was current

    Bulletproof..! .. in 3 gallon pots I got slightly under 3 oz. per plant

    Tasty, nice-looking bud had a nice hashy flavor, I don't remember exactly now but I think it was pretty stoney smoke, it reminded me in many ways of Northern Lights

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