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    I just move here from San Diego after being stationed there for a few years. I was told i can get my medical marijuana card here due to ptsd and insomnia, which was true, but these pricks want to finger print me in order to get my card and enter me into their "data base" haha fuck that. Why cant it be as simple as cali, go in 5min later you're out with a card.
    Its going to be at least 3-4 months before I can get a crop harvested here and since I dont really know anyone around here the local weed I've been getting is worse then the Mexican brick weed crap, actually i think it might be the same stuff lol, looks like dried up geese shit.

    Is there any decent weed in Chicago being sold? Or will I be force to give the state my finger prints just so I can go to the dispensary here which probably carry crap as well.

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

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    No Body?

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    I believe you have to be on your death bed to get weed from the state.
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    If you're referring to buying weed in dispensaries here then no, as a veteran all i have to do is pay 50 $, give them my finger prints and I should be getting it in the mail in 3-4 business weeks. But, I have a big problem with supplying them with my finger prints.... yeah not gonna happen.

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    Why so uptight about fingerprints? They took them when you enlisted, didn't they? IL medical law is probably the strictest anywhere. Prints are for the FBI to do a background check. Just the way it is - deal with it.

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    I was a teacher and finger printed so many times. I learned I committed no crimes. I don't like the fingerprinting, they can see that when they stop your car for a traffic violation. Don't know if that makes it legal to search or not. My biggest worry is that I will get stopped more and suspected of having cannabis--I would never carry any raw material. If I use a topical and they have a dog, the dog will alert to the molecules, so my car and suitcase will always have a marijuana smell, to dogs at least. I just don't want to be searched just because I am a medical patient. That is stupid and ridiculous, but then, we live in Illinois. BTW, just about 50 miles from a Cresco grow facility in Lebanon, IL. Wonder if they give tours. If you could take High School students, they would all show up that day for class and field trip. lol

    I wish I knew a way to take my medicine with me when I visit my kids in KC, KS, Indiana, and Minnesota. I cannot take more pharaceutical meds for my conditions, tried them all with horrible side effects and very little improvement. Had my card for about a month and already people can tell a difference in my depression and PTSD, I am laughing again. Working on the finding the right strains for Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia which even opiods can't help except at the ER and many of them treat me like a drug seeker. Rat Bastards.

    Learned to make alcohol tinctures, cannabutter from coconut oil for topical use. My husband is a chemist and was a pot head 40 years ago and is a big help with doing the math for recipes and is quite interested, he can't wait for my next dispensary visit. Going to add him when he is 65--soon since he has basal cell carcinoma and that qualifies under cancer per IL law. Our next things to try are glycerin tintures and more infused coconut oil with higher THC and another with a high CBD % strain of shake. I am learning to use a bong, at 62 years old, rofl, I need the occasional hit or 3 for insomnia and for acute pain that reaches level 10 and sometimes higher. The facial pain has made me suicidal so many times, worse than any other pain in my body and hardest to treat. Hence, hitting the bong should be like dilaudid in the IV at the ER and don't care if the pot puts me out of things, so does morphine and dilaudid. Just want to stay out of the damned freaking ER.

    I do email the dispensary before I visit, Thrive in Harrisburg, IL will set the product back for me so I can just pick it up when I get there. Saves time for other patients who have questions. They have their menu online and I can see what herb they are currently carrying and what size. I like the 10/gm Tuesdays if I wear my free t-shirt and the $100 I will get for each year I stay with them. Marion is closer by a little, but was the first dispensary to open in the state. It is horrifically busy with the VA close by. Waiting times are very long and they are quite often out of the product you want.

    Waiting for some Kosher Kush to come back in stock.
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