COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE Medical Marijuana ID Card

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by sehnsee, Jan 26, 2018.


    sehnsee Well-Known Member

    Has anyone here applied for this?

    I was wondering how hard it is to get approved by the county. I already have my Physicians Recommendation from a private licensed doctor, but to participate legally in the County's Cultivation program you need there county ID card. With it you can grow up to 24 plants in a single residence with 2 cards or 12 with a Single card.

    I was thinking I could build a 6 Lighter (6 X 1000K) in my garage. But I don't wanna put the money into it unless its all legit and legal with the county.

    Anybody with experience in the county please advise. Thanks!

    Mcgician Well-Known Member

    Prices are in the tank around here. Don't waste your time and money. Just grow for yourself.
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