Could I reach week 5 of flower without a filter?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CAFCASSputMEhere, Jul 13, 2018.


    CAFCASSputMEhere Member

    Hey guys I'm at day 21 of flower and wondering for the sake of having spare money for the next couple of weeks if I could go an extra 14 days till my payday without adding a filter to my extraction unit

    The smell is strong but not until I enter the grow room which is a good 5meters from my front door you can't smell it at all then you open the rooms door and walk in then BANG, tbf they stunk in veg as soon as the pre flowers appeared

    Its summer so I have the grow room and all my other windows open 24 hours a day just like all the other neighbours so it doesn't look dodgy the smell isn't even leaving the room yet let alone into the block of flats as there is no lack of airflow

    I'm above ground level with no flats above mine and I can't smell anything when I'm outside or walking through my front door after being at work all day I'm guessing the smell rises and won't be noticeable from the street

    ONA gel could be a cheap temp quick fix but I've read it can make buds not smell at all permanently

    6" filters there is a £36 think crucial on amazon I could get without an issue but I just have a feeling the £61 RAM filter will do a job that the cheap filter just will not compete with or am I wrong and the ram is just more expensive because it looks pretty?

    There are 9 ww x bb 3 mamma mia 1 ice and 1 blueberry and the 1.2 x 2m tent is ram out

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    I would seriously consider getting a filter ASAP if I was you. Because you're around it you don't necessarily smell it fully, it's very likely a lot stronger than you even realize right now!

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    As it’s been said you won’t smell it like the persons own the road. It’s stronger than you think. If it’s illegal where your at it’s enough for cops to knock and get probable cause to search.

    CAFCASSputMEhere Member

    Thank you Beachwalker and lordhooha, okay I will order one now and I'll get the more expensive one I have more electric left over than I expected (i had gotten use to 18 hours on) I don't feel as much at risk as all my friends are in prison the only person who knows about this is me and all the new neighbours who draw attention away from me by toking up on a daily basis and openly dealing have no idea I still smoke because I don't smoke publicly and keep my distance with just the odd hello in the corridor

    I thought two more weeks might have been okay but im use to the smell and its stronger for others I'm not going to risk getting the cheap filter I've been caught twice a few years ago and kept my head down ghosting since it would suck to mess up after all of this time ghosting

    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Phresh filters work really well. Match the filter and the fan cfm for best results.

    adower Well-Known Member

    You just have olefactory overload. I guarantee people smell it if they’re in flower and you have your windows open.
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Or open the door oh the house lol.

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    I keep my neighbours quite by throwing budz over the fence
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    CAFCASSputMEhere Member

    They're not really of mature age, probably big mouths lol

    I read that I should rub the stalk then smell my fingers and it absolutely f**king pongs mate especially for day 21 of flower then this morning I walked in there and it stinks to high heavens so glad you guys told me not to risk it because I would have been f**ked can't wait for my carbon filter to arrive today

    Here's a picture, my best grow yet no doubt LEDs are heaven sent I've had 1200w HP's before not performing on the level of this 800 actual watt of led
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    CAFCASSputMEhere Member

    Just wanted to update you all

    I attached the filter and took my extractor off of the 12/12 timer socket and put it onto 24 hour operation

    My downstairs neighbour a nice polish guy who doesn't smoke but grows loads of veg outside (its so hard not to bait myself out by giving him tips) was outside earlier so I went up to him, he doesn't know I smoke and asked if he had started to notice a funny smell and he said for the past week he has been able to smell it all the time I said to him yeah I think its from the block over there lol, he replied saying well yeah they're always smoking but it seems to have gone, I walked in smiling then I waited until lights on and went into the room and I was amazed, there's 0 smell whatsoever

    You guys are heaven sent thank you I almost got my ass raided, the added filter also seems to have made it 100 times quieter :)
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    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    Nice looking plants
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    CAFCASSputMEhere Member

    Thank you, old school minimal interference grower here I just top once and never prune I've always received the best results by not cutting off any of those natural solar panels aha but im 100% sure the reason this grow is going so well is down to my new dual optical lens LEDs, they're a must have

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