copper oil fungicide OK to smoke?

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do you wash your buds after harvest?

  1. Yes I do want to wash off any residue

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  2. No I don't I'm afraid to wash off flowers

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  3. Yes I wash but before harvest

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    Gdub51 Active Member

    I had to use copper oil fungicide this grow to combat septoria. Everything I read says OK to apply up to and including day of harvest. They even suggest spraying it on harvested fruits to preserve them. I cannot find if the residue left on buds is safe to smoke/vape or ingest. I've been reticent to wash off buds after harvest and don't wet them at all during the last weeks. I know THC/CBD are not water soluble but some tricomes are no doubt washed off with the action of spraying, so I have not. Yet I'm reticent to smoke something that has a little trace of blue residue on it.

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Funny I saw this as I was going to the old thread where we spoke of this to see what ratio I mixed it at LOL because I'm getting ready to spray right now, I spray every weekend, this crop would have been gonners without it!

    as far as I can ascertain it's safe to spray on Tobacco right up to the day you pick and smoke it, and it doesn't mention Bud washing anywhere on the literature that I could find

    So it's copper, and from what I understand it works on the plant, not in it systemically, and I do wash my bud! there are some good articles on bud washing here if you're still reluctant

    Frankly my concern is smoking the copper product and not the few trichomes that maybe knocked off Bud washing, I would expect a rainstorm to knock off a file more trichomes than a gentle Bud wash, good luck

    Edit: by the way what the hell was the ratio we used?? I mix a gallon and I'm just finishing it up, and I can't remember if it was one tablespoon or two per gallon? LOL

    Found it:

    "I hear you dude. unfortunately I've been spraying plants forever so I've got that aspect of it down LOL, but I was unsure of the ratio, tomatoes says 2 ounces per gallon, but I mixed it at 1oz/gal initially because I burn sulfur 2√óweek too, if it doesn't work at this ratio I'll up it, thanks"

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