Come hell or high water...made it to harvest!

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    Well, after FAR more bull-ish than I've EVER had the misfortune of dealing with before during a ONE & ONLY stinky bitch crossed the finish line! If this post may serve as a lesson, guideline of errors to avoid or possibly even a tale of triumph to a ganja gardener down the road then I have achieved success twice during this run! I'm gonna attempt to summarize but give enough detail to keep this useful...hopefully, lol! Ok so it starts like this...

    A little under a year ago I towel germinated (the only way I do it & with a roughly upper 90-something % success rate) 3 bag seeds from a friend who got some niceness from a dispensary in CO. Only 1 of the 3 turned out to be a female. So long story short-I grew the plant up using organic nutes in diy composted soil in a roughly 4 gallon pot, & flowered her under a 400 watt hps & ended up harvesting somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 oz.'s of nameless sweet & spicy DENSE hard nugs after being dried & cured. ( I asked around & got some likely input that this particular strain is probably a "gold" strain, as it turns a definite gold ish tan color once cured!) fast forward 3 months...

    I'm harvesting another 3 strains of super nice random bad seed meanwhile cycling a veg. Crop nearby, 1 of the veg. Plants happens to be a flowered clone (monster crop clone) taken from the 1st original girl. So, she turns into a literal monster with ALL the usual attributes they possess, branching madness, a bushy dense foliage & almost no space between nodes in some spots! Just nuts. Well, for SOME reason that still eludes me mentally, My "cycle" shit the bed & I suddenly realized I'm ending up with ONLY this monster crop plant! Well, I had been letting her grow outside for a month or so & let her get some of that FREE, natural sunlight when I noticed 1 day she decided she was going to start flowering...!? To keep this semi-brief... there was NOTHING I could do to stop her either! So, I stuck her in the 12/12 cycle & brought her to her new spot, under my 400 watt hps. Skip forward about a month.
    I'm watering/toying with/eye balling my room of veg. Plants & notice some sudden webbing on some lower leaves...!!! I don't deal with anyone else, use or buy ANYONEs clones or equipment, so I eventually realize these new found hitchhiking parasitic assholes road in from the outdoors on MY MONSTER clone! There goes the mutha f'kin' neighborhood! I'm pissed and now frantic to try to rid my room, female & babies of these little bastards & am very aware of the destruction they're capable of if left unattended. As random luck would have it I purchased some Azamax a year ish ago to get rid of irritating fungus gnats from composting, so I'm on the 3rd session of using the Azamax as a spray on & under the leaves & entire plant but also as a systemic & adding a tsp. per gallon of water & giving it to my veg. Babies in the roots. I decided NOT to try to pull a clone off of my budding bitch as I'm sure my little hitchhiking assbag friends (the outdoor mites I've acquired) would easily tag along & piss me off again down the road, & gave it a REAL effort to try to collect pollen, store it in the freezer for a few weeks & then try to pollenate 1 of her specific lower buds to keep her strain around for future grows no avail. Which brings us to the present! I JUST pulled her down...decided NOT to attack her full force with Azamax, I just can't imagine smoking Azamax glazed nugs to be pleasant...or healthy. So, she's now chopped and hanging in the dark with a small fan blowing under & near, the hopeful pollenatated nug showied ZERO signs of seeds...ugh, waiting until she's reached optimal dryness when I'm going to change gears from my usual "dry then jar cure" method, which ALWAYS seems to rob great looking, wicked smelling buds of their luster, stank-ness & general bad ass-ed-dry & go for a slow paper bag dry to almost perfect smokability to a short jar cure & then prompt store. We'll see if that helps me retain some of those fresh terps & leaves some level of that "harvest smellin' funk" intact! I wish you ALL monster sticky funk that sedates & medicates! Here's a couple pics from IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0038.JPG IMG_0034.JPG today! Peace!
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