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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    WOWOW that Grapefruit looks very cool. Nice all 'round really. :0)
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    It has beautiful colors, I’ll have to take pics with the light off, you can see how much red the 1750k are throwing out, the plants seem to love it so far
    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    I added the 100w vero setup from timber it wasn’t in use and now the 3x3 should really rock out,so that’s a total of 300w

    I was doing very well with a measly 200w


    2018 olympics have begun!
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    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    Very nice journal and grow. Really like seeing someone rock the 2gal hempy, and taking on several tents,,,, more ambition than I have.
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Thanks watt

    It’s a lot of work at the moment. I was just flowering with the 4x4 as this is more than enough for me. The other two tents , one is for a cousin that has MS, fortunately a lot of symptoms can be managed, but he needs at least an ounce a week to properly medicate(and Sativa Dom always better for him, all the jillybean ). The other tent is turned into straight RSO oil for a close friends mother who has serious health issues , she also really enjoys topicals I make her from coconut oil.
    It’s beyond worth it in my opinion, especially because our health care and pre exist is up in the air

    Thanks for stopping by
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Update on that jilly, I found a couple seeds on the last candy pheno, none at all on the orange ones. Have a candy store going now the two show a nanner each, late flower, both on top buds
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Hey Howard, I had to delete a post last night....I added a reference to
    your old handle....thinking that Watt knew you as that character....

    I wanted to ask if this was OK?

    (I remembered FJG as a good dude ;0)
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    I appreciate you asking , yes it’s fine.

    I don’t know if watt remembers my old handle FJG , but I remember him

    This was my first hempy bucket grow, been doing hempy since ....

    Time flies
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Jillybean tent, orange phenos estimated day 63






    The REM


    Bunnybrew Well-Known Member

    OMG!!! Your a boss! Very good
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    These are about 4 weeks

    Star pupil




    Mataro blue

    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Very kind words thank you !
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Last night I made the canna caps

    I used 40 grams jillybean (orange pheno) cured buds, grinded in coffee grinder perfect, decarbed at 220 for 45min

    Took that decarbed bud put it into 1.2 cups of coconut oil, with 1.1 tablespoon sunflower lecithin , in mason jar and placed jar in simmering water for 3.5 hours

    Strained , cooled and filled up about 175 #00 size caps before I ran out of capsules, could maybe fill another 25-50

    Will be trying them first tonight, start with one and work up. Edibles have never worked for me so my expectations are low, but still will er on the side of caution... should be strong for most users I reckon

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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    .8 ml fills exactly one pill

    So 236.5 ml in a cup, a little water that I added(tbs or so before hit bath) boiled off so the math seems to make sense, trying to figure out est. dose if possible ... trying to estimate using a range of 15% thc in cured bud

    Got 000 size capsules on the way to see difference
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Took down last of the jillybean, no more after this.

    The Area 51 led still rocking it out, that’s only 150 watts... I think made the buds even frostier than the cobs, couple variables though

    Still a nice harvest for a 2.5ft x 3ft space




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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Lovely work Bro.

    How did the test go witht he new caps? Was the dose right?

    Good luck!
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    For the five people that tested them said 2 to 3 was a good dose, mild pain relief at 1 capsule.

    For me on the other hand tolerance and edibles not working on me in the past I was skeptical, first day took about one per hour ending at 10. By the third day I finally felt decent effects and did not have to smoke throughout the day, but this is at upwards of thirty capsules.

    I do really like the idea though, and I hope it will work for my cousin with some relief from his MS
    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    As for the yield with the 3 x 2.5ft tent with 150 watt of Area 51 LED lighting I am pretty satisfied.

    115 grams of dense average size nugs , I trim conservatively and throw aside and small buds and popcorn for hash and edibles etc

    Popcorn small buds and larf another 105 grams

    If I trained the tops better , trimmed the underskirt up more or mainlined them my bud ratio would be much higher. But I just let the bushes do their thing this time

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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Took down grapefruit, creeper and the REM





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