Colorado clones on craigslist

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    Crippykeeper Well-Known Member

    I believe they had a
    bubba kush cross
    They had grape stomper
    Sour diesel and a few others local crosses they had at least 10- 20 different kinds of cuts.
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    Skunkypounds Member

    Im in Vermont and I need genetics that finish outside in late sept/ early oct.
    I moved here from western NY and the strains I brought with me are weeks behind what they did there. Anyone in New England have ripe buds outside right now that they have a mom of?
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    Ryry94 Well-Known Member

    The Green Solution also sells clones and seeds. I've run the Chem Sour Diesel fem seeds and loved the smoke, didn't take a cut so I recently bought more seeds. Huge tall plant and large yield, great taste and spacey high. Buds were a little loose, but I take the blame as a new grower. $20 for 6 is a great deal in my opinion. Also ran the Golden Goat regular seeds, the plants were super vigorous but I killed it accidentally so can't speak to the smoke. Bubba Kush regulars also produced very nice stout plants with a medium to low yield. Super fruity taste and mellow high. Grew the Chem Sour and Bubba on my second grow and I was super happy with the results. Grew the Golden Goat and 3 other Seedsman strains on my third grow, the Green Solution seeds produced a much better product without a doubt!
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    Crippykeeper Well-Known Member

    This list was passed to
    Me should be up to date E9145367-0FED-4742-AE1B-2C8956907E8F.png
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Thanks for putting that up. It's nice to see a list with some good strains on it.
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    Vincentc808 Member

    craigslist has always sketched me out. Massroots is what ive been using lately, you can only download it though if weed is legal in your state (recreationally or medically)

    FlyLikeAnEagle Well-Known Member

    I can't believe there are people still dumb enough to believe the whole donation claim is protection from law enforcement.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    I think its called a fig leaf.

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