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    F65ED9BC-4AAF-4C8B-8B63-0ECD1618468E.jpeg Any input would be welcomed
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    Hey brotha, would you be able to take a picture without the grow lights on (with regular ones on instead) How cold is it?
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    neckpod Well-Known Member

    They look like the are deficient in something but as above says its not easy to tell with the lights on. is it really cold?

    some better images and we should be able to point you in the right direction.
    They could be over watered as well with the leafs bending down but again more pics please.
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    I agree there seems to be a nutrient problem. Cold temps would not do what I see in the pic. Your plant looks leggy. Maybe if it was a sustained temp under 65 but I suspect either a ph issue/under/over feeding. What are your Highs and low temp? What soil are you using and nutes?

    khul24 New Member

    Grown in fox farm ocean Forrest soil
    With mychos around the seedling after germ
    -nutrients: fox farm grow big and big bloom ppm 450 & seaweed extract ppm 88
    -ph of run off around 7
    -temp outside grow room high 78f and lowest 48f
    Grow room has almost no insulation

    I’m thinking it might be (root bound)and the (cold) ain’t helping either just added a heater to the room for when the lights come off , temp with the light on is around 72f. Strain is a fem jack herer

    *im a try and upload another pic but so far it’s notletting me for some reason

    Samblakaka Active Member

    If your plant experiences anything below 60°F you will start to encounter issues. It also definitely is overwatered, you can see the speed bumps and puffiness of the leaves, combined with the droop at the ends...classic overwatering symptoms.

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    Just remember...only water when she asks for it. Don't stick to a religious watering schedule and for sure don't follow the directions religiously on the nutrient bottles you're using (unless you have a happy and healthy 1000 watt garden, which is what most of the nutrient bottles base their feeding schedules off of). Keep this simple. Don't suffer from OCD (obsessive crop disorder) where you do that hovering thing and get all up in it's business when what it truly wants is for you to back up until needed lol. When I start seeds or clones, I put them in a rapid rooter plug under a dome with a 25 watt t5 taped to the top of the dome and I let them sit for 2 weeks...I don't touch it, I don't say hi, I don't even catch it's gaze for a split second when we sit across the table from each other eating dinner. Trust me, the less you do the more you will get.

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    But if it's that cold then you do need to do something about that lol. Growing indoors means you are God, plants outdoors are much more likely to survive fluctuations like that, but even that temp of 48° would be dangerous for an outdoor plant, and you must give the plant the basics of what it needs and if it needs more heat then give it to her. Remember that you are God, and like God, we never see you but the needs are met and it still believes in you and rewards you with your "there for you but you're on your own" style of growing (I'm not religious btw but it's a good comparison lol). Don't over think this and do too much and fuck your shit up...I was that guy for a long time and that's why I say what I do...the less I do, the better they are, but don't be negligent...honestly I think your 3rd grow is your first, by then you well know the genetics you're working with and know exactly what the plant needs and when (unless you're "that guy" too, like me, who tried mixing strains all the time and has no idea what the fuck works with what lol)
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    khul24 New Member

    Thanks I just transplanted them and they’re looking much healthier
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