Coco x Hempy system

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    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Modified hempy bucket idea:

    5 gal smart pot filled with coco inside a 5/7 gal liquid buckets with the hole for hempy. Would only have to water like 1 or 2 times a week then?

    Has anyone tried this, do you think it's a good or a bad idea?
    Rocket Soul

    Rocket Soul Well-Known Member

    Sounds ideal for overwatering. Coco retains water quite well. And you will have stagnant water in the bottom with root problems.
    Also coco tends to retain nutrients so you have to flush. The bottom of the bucket is almost impossible to flush.

    For hempy designs you need something that drains well, like perlite or turface.

    If you want to water less frequently: look into subirrigated planters/SIPs, theres a thread around somewhere.

    Or automated watering system.
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    Xcoregamerskillz Well-Known Member

    Thanks. So definitely a bad idea

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