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    Your welcome.
    If you start with a BASE and then adjust for the plants needs, it's a breeze. But you have to stay true to your base until there is an issue. And learn to water/feed by weight not date. If you want to track your run off, that's great for your records. But Don't start changing things until they need to be changed. LOVE KILLS! Hope your grow goes well.
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    Any updates ?How are your plants doing ? ? Still getting low ph readings in your runoff ?

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    Well its been a few days now, i have been watering more to get more runoff and now my ph is staying around5.8 in the pots that i did straight coco.

    The pots i added castings to are acting completely different and no matter what ph i put in its coming out 6.5
    But everything looks better.

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    Coco contains a lot of K and holds onto Mg and Ca, that has an effect on PH and EC run off which is why you don't chase your tail by trying to sort out the run off ph. The most important things are the PH going in and having a reasonable run off which stops salts building up, combined that allows roots to absorb nutrients and avoid lock outs.

    Cant do much about the castings either, obviously that's going to affect ph coming out . You cant take them out so no point worrying, you could reduce nutrients on those pots if they start causing problems.

    You should see a steady improvement now your getting more run off though. :bigjoint:
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    Yes now i have been told by a few people not to worry about the runoff ph and i understand why but i still keep a record of the ph just to see any trends that may show up and try to adjust accordingly.
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