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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    I scrolled to the bottom of the forum list for the first time in like 4 years. Found 'Contests' and was like sweeeet..... but found myself standing next to a hole in space/time.
    I don't know how this forum wasn't at the very top from day one. Anyone interested in seeing some contests?

    Greenthumbs256 Well-Known Member

    Dam right but problem is someone has to have something to give away as a prize! And since I can't see r.i.u. making that much money I don't think they will!

    But maybe if the advertisers would all get together it actually could be great advertisement for the ones that participate but yes this thread would have to beat more towards the top in order for that to work!
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    this is an old unsued forum area, i dont know why they dont just get rid of it, we dont allow users to hosts contests for prizes, but you can for fun,
    there prize portions is located in in it to win it in advertising

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