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    That seems a bit expensive on the CoM castings, but honestly I would pay for them, I have found lots of worms in my bags before, the castings and compost are to important to chance. That being said I do have some cheaper castings as I can't always find CoM and they do work, I just don't feel they are as alive.


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    Great thread, lots of good info. I just read a book called TLO by The Rev. I am putting together a soil mix for my first grow in April.
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    I have that. Makes a good paperweight, but short on reliable info - for example, he sings the praises of flowering under MH and fails to mention the fact that he's really using a dual arc that retails for upwards of $170.

    IMO, Teaming with Microbes is the book to start with if you have interest in real organic "feed the soil, not the plant" gardening.

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    Good to know. I will read that! Thanks for the tip!

    edit: I ordered that book along with one written by the same author called Teaming with Nutrients written last year. Thanks again
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    Not the first time I have heard that, TWM and TWO are highly recommended on one of the other forums I learned with.

    If your building your own soil, start sourcing your compost and worm castings now. Also if your looking for kelp, there is a place in Old Orchard, that produces kelp meal, 50 bucks 50 lbs, just need to pick it up. Get alfalfa pellets from a feed store, and order some neem seed meal.

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    Good info on kelp meal.

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    I have found things can grow greener and better with topping pots with 2-4 inches of Coast of Maine Stoneington (?) blend. ...but...all good things have a good Butt....I have found a huge increase of gnats when I used. I thought it may be an increase because of summer. But stopping and starting with it a few times, it is this COM that either attracts them or eggs/larva are in it.

    I always have to have plenty of yellow sticky paper around to catch the buggers when I use COM
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    most poulin grain dealers stock that kelp,if not they can get pretty quick 46 dollars at the one by me folks feed it to horses!

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