Closet budget grow, 8 weeks flowering, need advice

How can Undulator grow the dank?

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  • Better lighting

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Here's how it all started...I was playing music with some buddies and they had some seeds in their altoids tin that I asked if I could have, they said "sure" and I told them I would bring them some when I harvested it.

Seeing how I had no idea what kind of seeds they were (and of course not having consumed any of the substance, which is against the law) I figured I'd get my garden on in a most casual fashion, with a simple set-up, the goal being to grow my own while spending the least money possible!

Now I'm seeing beautiful pistils covered in dank trichomes sprouting delicate auburn hairs that deliver the most punget aroma and being a good parent, I can only thing of what *might* have been if I took the time to add the proper nutrients at the right times. Lighting is also an issue which I hope you can help me with, because I have certain restrictions that I need to observe in order not to get busted that I'm sure you all understand.

Here's the deal:
1. germinated 5 seeds in warm paper towel, 3 sprouted
2. transplanted after a few weeks into 5 gallon pots in a 3-1-1 mix of soil, perlite and vermiculite (I believe that was the ratio, I forget!)
3. 24 hours with two 27w/120v CFL bulbs (both reddish) until veg (a couple weeks too long making them very tall)
4. down to 12/12 with the same 27w CFL for 8 weeks, at week 4 of flower finally added MG Bloom Booster (15-30-15) for a few weeks but stopped in order to flush.

- Flush with what you ask? Brita filtered tap water of course -- I let it sit out for a few days before watering.
- How do I know it needs watering?
I stick my finger in the soil to check.
- How about PH?
Looks good to me, never tested it.

So despite this freewheelin' (idiotic) approach, I have buds! but little, spindly ones, so small that I am embarrassed to show them to you here compared to all the sick grows I've seen here.

Here's what I am looking for:
How can I get the best light without going to a MH or HPS?
I REALLY want a HPS, and I know they provide the best available light spectrum, but I also live on the top floor of a residential apartment in a major metroplitan area, so I am concerned not only with fire, but helicopters as well.

How can I increase the fullness of my buds before harvest?
I realize it may be too late for these ladies, but any tips would be appreciated, also any information on this molasses phenomenon would be sweet too.

Where can I get a good magnifying glass for the trichomes?
I got a cheap one (keeping on theme) but I can't see what color they are, they all look white to me:

What do I do if I have many unmatured buds and some toppers that are ready to roll? Is it possible to selectively pluck these babies or do I just shred the whole plant for the top dudes?

Okay, thanks in advance, I know it's a lot of questions, but I added some pretty pictures to thrill the illiterate.





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If i were you i would bring those Cfl's down to 1-2 inches from plants and turn them on there sides so they give off the light better.


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use pk13 three weeks into budding, a bigger grow box/ or try prunning them a bit so the buds get as much light as poss
as long as it smokes then youve done it, a few changes along the way to increase yeild trial n error


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Are those actual 120 watts? cuz it looks like they are the 120 relative watts, meaning thy are probably much less than that, meaning you need alot more light. and with the way you cabinet is setup, there doesnt appear to be much light at all to the lower buds, causing them to be airy and wispy(my first grow was like this too) while i can't think of anything you could do now, as the plants look too big to add any sort of sidelighting, one thing that people say helps fatten the buds is to use a small amount of mollasses when watering, to help fatten your buds up(worked pretty good in my grow, though i added too much and now it all smells mollassesy)


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i agree with sanklovich. are you sure those are 120 watts? on the box of the bulbs there are two numbers; the actual wattage and the incandecent eqivalent. the number that matters is the first one. also you need lights on all sides of the plants if you want better buds.


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Oh hey my bad, I'll have to edit the thread, you are right, here's what I used:

120 V
60 HZ
27 Watts Equivalent

Like off the shelf from Home Depot!

I will add molasses, any trick to how to add it?


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Im not sure about the molasses but my main advice is to get the really big 40w CFLS from walmart like these
and more than just 2 i would say 4 of these would have made your few plants almost as full as a 150w hps. also with cfls side lighting is key... i see you have one bulb at the bottom and 2 on the top... more sidelighting would provide your scragly lower buds with the same light as the nice tops were getting. In turn thickening the lower buds........ anyway I gotta go 2 bed..........



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Hmmm, I see big 40watt globe lights, is this what you mean? I think I can run larger CFL's in there without heat/detection issues, I'll let you know!


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i would suggest going to walmart and buying four 42 watt soft-white 2700k cfls for your three plants. those are the best type of light spectrum for flowering. i use 10 total cfl bulbs for my four plants and i hang them above and on the sides of them using y-sockets so i can put two bulbs in one socket.