Clones turning yellow in the center.


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Roots will be fine if water temp doesn’t get warm, ensure you have no light leaks into res and I can’t stress enough how important lots of fine bubbles are!

also renfro is correct with running a 5.8 ph. I personally think this is your main issue. As it looks like a slight deficiency affecting new growth yet bottom leaves aren’t showing signs of lack of feed to me.
Use a more powerful light if possible, but distance it from the plants and let them grow to the light


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Of course i did and it doesnt mean anything in French.

What do the roots look like now? More brown happening?
Not really. They just grow much longer and they are a lot.
Might be time to employ your preferred root rot protocol.
Like i said before, im new to hydroponic. Coming from organic soil. And that is why i dont have any root rot recipe. May be you have one for me? I have 11.5% H2O2 here if needed.


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Root rot recipe is no light leaks, cool water temp and lots of fine bubbles. Nothing else required lol.
Have you moved your light away a little bit?
From the last pic you put up, it looks like new growth has been slightly burnt.
Leaf edges curling up like that is typical heat stress imo.


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I looked at both of your pics. In a cloner, that is a classic micro def. (iron and zinc) likely caused by imbalanced elements or pH drifting to high.


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Ok so i reset my nutrient solution inside the cloner. I cleaned up everything. I looked closer at the roots. For me, they are not dying. I touched the brown areas. It was like a thin brown depot that rest on my fingers. The roots doesnt look damage at all. No smells.

This time i used RO water at 0.0 EC
Put 2.5grams of Maxigrow in 3L of water. Put 3ml of H202.

My PH was 3.8... Very low indeed. I used some salts that i have for my shrimps tanks to buffer the ph because i dont have the regular ph+.
It is a Gh+/Kh+ that i know well and it is raising the ph of the water.
Here is the composition:

7,05% Sodium
2,61% Potassium
13,89% Calcium
5,39% Magnesium
0,02% Strontium

1,30% Carbonate
18,72% hydrocarbonate
32,62% Chloride
16,91% Sulfate
0,00% Phosphate

0,35492% Trace elements

Put the water temperature at 21°C.


Wait and see.