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    Hey guys first off respect on this forum , best out there , Been looking for a topic on cloning , couldn't find one I needed , so thort I'd ask, what is the easiest way to clone ? When is it the right time to clone ? Just a nice easy intro tut to cloning ? Like wat I need tools and nutes wise Thanks in advance guys

    vostok Well-Known Member

    many cloning tuts are around best is mine naturally ...and quick

    1: take clones 1 month after veg as you flick to 12x12

    2: hygiene is noobie bullshit no garden is 'clean'

    3: remove honey from kitchen warm in up to soft in the micro wave

    3a scrap a little green bark off with fingernail or blade

    4: stick the little tree.. the size of a pen.. in the honey to 1 inch deep

    5: insert to a damp rapid rooter put in a small box with plastic bag over the top

    6: keep damp and warm for 10-14 days after 24 hours start removing the bag to allow to breathe

    good luck

    ps remember its Cambium Engineering nothing fancy is required

    Thebanktella Active Member

    3.a not quite understanding u mean just cut a piece of the tree , is there a specific point on the tree i need to cut on?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    cut the cutting down to look like a little tree

    that important as a little 'Tree" has equal displacement between the trunk and the leaves

    as many noobs into cloning will screw the clone by having either too much foliage or too little

    thats why you see many pro cloners seriously trimming any fan leaves attached to the clone

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