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    kgp Well-Known Member

    I'm just ecstatic about my new score. I am starting a thread on clone only strains in the riu community.

    Here's my current roster most still in veg.

    Katsu cut, from the days of overgrow, the member katsu had the cut of bubba kush, and gave it to the community. almost done flowering a foot tall clone as a tester. Plant appears to have tmv or something that is making the leaves distorted. He buds look super nice. I'm flowering it under low wattage because I didn't want to put her in my flower room because of the odd leaves.

    Crippie clone, from Tampa area in the early 90's said to be the mother of tk and many og kush's. Known for a very physicodelic high that is very powerful. Grows mostly 3 finger leaves and is very sensitive to nutes.

    Triangle kush, also from florida in the early 90's super stretchy. Also will throw many three leaves. Many consider it to be the mother og. Resinous golf balls of og funk. Very prominent calyx that swell with little amount of leaves.

    Animal cookies, og fire cut crossed by Girl Scout cookies reversed. I'm not sure of which cut, If I had to guess, ogkb. An exceptional pheno that yields well, gets dark green/ purple with bright orange hairs. Highly potent. Rock hard nugs.

    Ghost og, from orgnkid on overgrow, said to have got it in a tray of cuts he spent several thousand dollars on. Said to be one of the original og of California. Stereotypical og to the core. lemon pledge pinesol funk. Cindy with many 3 leaf sets.

    Gsc forum cut. I recently sourced this cut again after growing it several times a year or so ago. Ditched it then, but often miss her whenever I see a grow or see a buddy smoking on her. Resinous, powerful unique aroma that is hard to describe. Taste is exactly as it smells.

    Chem d, have had this cut years ago and recently got her back. One of the loudest offensive smells that comes from bud. Also yields decent. One of the four from chem himself, his is the keeper cut, he d cut.

    My newest addition that I'm looking forward to trying. Gorilla glue #4. This strain is supposed to have a little bit of everything from vigor, yeild, potency, and bag appeal. Chem tasting commercial strain that won this years high times cannabis cup.

    I'll start posting pics and giving updates. Anyone who has a clone only strain, please add to the discussion and post pics.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Golden Goat, growing it right now. It's a clone only from Colorado, bought it in Denver, smells super sweet. Production of nugs is tremendous it just makes huge cone shaped buds even on a small plant they are giant. My favorite cut I have grown so far looking forward to harvest.
    mountain dweller

    mountain dweller Active Member

    Deathstar outta Ohio

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression the Cubans didn't let Crippie out to anyone. Have you grown her out yet?
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    kgp Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process right now. Just a small clone in a 4 gallon pot. Flipped her about a week ago.

    What do you know about her? I appreciate any info you got. I did find out she loves cal and mag but hates high feed.
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    kgp Well-Known Member

    I've heard a lot of good things about this cut, never had the opportunity to grow or sample.

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Nice! The same cut that ggg and archive use!
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    Breko Well-Known Member

    Bullrider clone only I brought from So cal YEARS ago.
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    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I'd treat her like any haze, low nitrogen in general and especially in flower. Lower nute requirements. Very curious to see how that one turns out for you.

    Personally I have access to a lot of BC clone only's but the market for them is kind of notoriously sketchy. Like I was supposed to get access to Purple Skunk but it ended up being a dud. Romulan is easy to get and a good one though. Nice sweet smelling high yielding plant.
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Well-Known Member

    Mothership...outta Asheville, NC. Super fruity, danky smelling with hints of skunk.

    furnz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if crippie was the mother to Sour D?
    The sour d ibl clone from Rezdog that I grew had almost all 3 finger leave sets.
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    Pass it Around

    Pass it Around Well-Known Member

    The Buddha Tahoe OG all has 3 finger sets too! at least the ones in my garden
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    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    I asked someone I would think would be in the know about it down in florida and was informed that it along with the crippie and 1 other cut I cannot recall at the time but is on that list ere let out a few months back. don't think they were supposed to be but it happens and my info could be bullshit but seeing as how I only asked of the crippie and was told about the other 2 the timelines matched up.

    guess kgp will have to let us know

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Just finished my first run of Gorilla Glue and took a little quick-dry sample. It's quite potent..... a little more sativa buzz than I was expecting. I took it down at 66 days. Easy to trim, lots of trichomes, good yield. I don't particularly care for the smell and taste of it, but those are both very subjective.

    I had an issue with some bagged soil that I used for a top-dress that ended up causing the plants to yellow up over night (and killed a whole tray of clones) so I'm in the process of running a couple more cuts before deciding if I'm keeping her or not. First impression is that it's pretty good.

    COGrown Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure that is a trait handed down from the chem, which is definitely a common genetic between the sour d and og cuts. most chem 91 crosses I've run have had mostly 3 bladed leaves as well as many of the more og crosses I've run. I'm running a bunch of Kosher kush right now and I've got at least three ladies that all have that look to them, with the middle 'finger' being quite fat and the side leaves less so.
    mountain dweller

    mountain dweller Active Member

    Very good quality, smell is unmistakeable, and the high hits like a ton of bricks when let go for a full ten weeks. It is something I am usually selfish with lol, it is the only strain I smoke when I have it
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    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    dna kosher or the jews gold cut? nevermind saw where you said 3 different ladies so I assume dna.
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    I dont know

    I dont know Well-Known Member

    Post pictures of the crippie & the tk @kgp ill post a list of some of my elite clone onlys also if you dont mind?
    Pepe le skunk

    Pepe le skunk Well-Known Member

    Where's the pretty pictures? What are these clone only's I keep hearing about? :bigjoint:

    So a friend hear in colorado is having a poker game called poker pound down. 16 people and the entry is an O.
    Winner takes all. Really no place like it in the world. :fire:

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of playing poker for cannabis.

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