Chemdog 91 Sk Va

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    Dr.D81 Well-Known Member

    I am about to be hitting my 91 chem dawg cut with several males as well as some cherry pie fem pollen.
    She will see
    rum bayou
    triple purple doja
    bbj x fb f3
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    let me know when there ready.i wount
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    python_thrust Well-Known Member

    i see that may guys grown CC strains.

    Can someone be so friendly to post some plants pics?

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    althor Well-Known Member

    If you dont cure malawi for OVER 60 days, it is basically shwag.
    With a 60 day+ cure, it turns into something pretty special. It should come with that all over the labels.
    I had put mine to the back of the closet because it was not that good. Came back to it much much later and it had turned into some FIRE. Trippy, racey, zinging buzz, that was fantastic.
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    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    I bought the whole lineup from ACE and Cannabiogen based on reviews like yours. Some were okay. I cured them for months but still way overhyped. Cali Connect has some fire.

    althor Well-Known Member

    In full disclosure my Malawi didnt come from Ace or Cannabiogen so that may be the difference.
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    python_thrust Well-Known Member

    the only i've grown form Cannabiogen is PCK... i was very excited in growing it but it turned out not so great...

    very weak talking about potency and shitty yield...

    the color was beautiful (some are super purple) but the purple phenos are also the less potent....

    but let's return to the thread subjetc: CC and chem '91.

    Popped one seed today, we will see.

    Shame that i have space only for one... othe 3 buckets are occupied by Chocolope and C99
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    genuity ambition

    I'm growing 91 chem sk va x 91 skunk....not a CC cross. .

    I'll post pics when she is a few weeks in flowering. .
    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    thanks for that info for I trust your
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    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    IAm going to try some of that next
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    while i had bad results with chem 91[too fruity,nochem], i loved the 98 bubba and the buddah tahoe was fire.
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    Triple oh gee

    Triple oh gee Well-Known Member

    Cali connect gsc(pre98bubba X gsc),day 48, they shoulda chose a diff name obviously ,,but these are 2 clones been running this cut 2 yrs, gets cannons on top if lollipopped up good and is potent,minty on the chop when cured image.jpg
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    python_thrust Well-Known Member

    nice plants man!

    What do you think about CC strains in general?
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    Triple oh gee

    Triple oh gee Well-Known Member

    Thanks python, as far as cc goes it's obvious they have some fire strains, it's just the seed quality, germ rates ,I don't wanna deal with, and only 6 beans per pack on fem for that price is crazy there's just better stuff to spend my money on that isn't as much as a gamble, the cc gsc I wouldn't even keep myself but my partner has had the mother over 2 years and hands me clones left and rite so I run em that's all, I have a couple moms of in house genetics animal pie and i like it over anything Cali con I've seen

    kaka420 Well-Known Member

    I've yet to flower the og18 clone I picked up but I've never seen og with nodes this close... obviously an og but just closer than I've seen. It has potential to be an epic yielder. I've sampled many og18 nugs from various dispensaries in the area, some have been terrible smoke and a few have been flat out awesome, to the point I'd compare it to the sfv og I used to run. Mother selection, grower skills and environment are probably to blame for the bad examples I've seen.
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    SamsonsRiddle Well-Known Member

    where's the c99 from?

    genuity ambition

    One of the chem 91 sk va x skunk 91

    Closer nug shots soon.
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Looks slinky bro.
    Like road kill x chem.
    What's it stink like?
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Nice Gen!! Very nice :)
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    genuity ambition

    Yeah,can not wait to see her at the end....just plant smells right now.


    This is another one..she has a nice nose on her..I think it's melon funk right now..

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