CFL rig for small bed side cabinet

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    Hi peeps first time indoor grower and need a stealthy rig been doing some research and Im having trouble finding parts to make a CFL rig of about 4/6 40w bulbs like twin adapters n such maybe its just a American thing but any info would be handy im in Melbourne area btw Cheers:hug:

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    You're looking for a twin e27 adaptor socket... Not common here because they're illegal in AU. You can get them online, but it will have to be from overseas, the only ones sold in Australia are 'Dual E27 Umbrella Bracket'
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    No 'thank-you echelon1k1', no 'like' in recognition.

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    You're safest option is just to use normal B22 (i think thats what they are) baton holders and use single globes. I used the double E27 adapters with 2x48w globes and they fall apart as they are plastic and the globes are too heavy for them. You can get more globes in if you do them side by side, 3 on one side and and 2 or 3 on the other :) also this way you wont have to worry about overloading the cheap chinese made adapters and starting a fire ;)
    Below is a pic of my little breeding box i have going, it has 5x48w cfls :)

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    How to you guys go about rigging up your lighting.

    I am looking at doing something similar due to stealth and heat/power etc.

    If you have any DIY's on how to connect this sort of thiung up that would be appreciated.

    Im a little sketchy on doing electrical stuff..

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    Mate I just got 2m power cords, cut the end off it and connected the baton holders. It isnt too hard to do, the baton holders you buy at bunnings have the colours or codes in the back of them so you know where to connect each colour wire.

    Or if you have a mate that is a sparky you could give him a six pack to connect some up for you :)

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    I will be doing my first grow soon when returning to OZ and dont really have the confidence in my electrical abilities to rig up one of these... think I will buy a light instead.

    I think your set up looks great but I am paranoid I would start a fire in my apartment.
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    I use twin security lights, you can pick em up for 10-15 bucks. They come with instructions how to wire them ( it's only 2 wires) buy a plug and wire it onto the other end of the cut extention lead. You can mount them to the walls or let them hang.

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    Is that cardboard you made the reflectors out of? I'd be very wary of using it if it is, light fixtures get very hot and cardboard is very flammable. Sweet little box though mate :)
    tassie toker

    tassie toker Member

    I use photographic fittings as these come with a built in fuse,just to be all my fittings on ebay.the main one I use is a 5 light fitting with built in switches for each light ,,about $40 aus delivered.
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