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Discussion in 'Medicating' started by hawse, May 31, 2018.


    hawse Member

    OK, maybe this isn't the right forum to ask, I'm not sure, and I'm new here...

    But I just got a nice Revenger X and some CBD+ oil (says it's got PG and VG and CBD) 10ml 500 mg

    So questions:

    Vape it straight up? I have some PG (DB mix pro).
    Is there a correct wattage or temperature to use?
    As long as vapor is produced, am I getting the full benefit of the CBD, or would a higher wattage or temp work better or worse?

    I've only tried up to about 40 watts, and that feels about right to me, but any higher burns my throat. There is less vapor with less wattage of course but I'm mostly curious as to what you need to do get the full benefit of the CBD...

    I guess part of the reason I'm asking is because I don't know if I ever really feel much from using it, but I want it to help me get through t-breaks, and also to help if I get paranoia which happens from time to time...


    NLRisingSun New Member

    I got a simple vaporizer (EGO CE4) got 50MG cod e-liquid with a mango taste.
    I don't really "feel" anything from the CBD, unlike when i vape flowers in my other vaporizer.

    hawse Member

    Yeah I realize that, pretty much the same for me, and that's why I was wondering if there is a specific temp or wattage or anything to make sure I'm getting the full benefit... From what I read on the manufacturers site of the most recent oil I bought there is not such a thing, basically just vape it and that's enough... I wanted it for anxiety, but I'm finding it's not really helping me much sadly... About the only time it really does help with that is if I've done too much TCH, and it sorta brings you back down to earth...
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Active Member

    The ideal temperature for CBD is 329F (165C).
    The range for CBD is 320-356F (160-180C)

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