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Discussion in 'Medicating' started by hawse, May 31, 2018.


    hawse Well-Known Member

    OK, maybe this isn't the right forum to ask, I'm not sure, and I'm new here...

    But I just got a nice Revenger X and some CBD+ oil (says it's got PG and VG and CBD) 10ml 500 mg

    So questions:

    Vape it straight up? I have some PG (DB mix pro).
    Is there a correct wattage or temperature to use?
    As long as vapor is produced, am I getting the full benefit of the CBD, or would a higher wattage or temp work better or worse?

    I've only tried up to about 40 watts, and that feels about right to me, but any higher burns my throat. There is less vapor with less wattage of course but I'm mostly curious as to what you need to do get the full benefit of the CBD...

    I guess part of the reason I'm asking is because I don't know if I ever really feel much from using it, but I want it to help me get through t-breaks, and also to help if I get paranoia which happens from time to time...


    NLRisingSun New Member

    I got a simple vaporizer (EGO CE4) got 50MG cod e-liquid with a mango taste.
    I don't really "feel" anything from the CBD, unlike when i vape flowers in my other vaporizer.

    hawse Well-Known Member

    Yeah I realize that, pretty much the same for me, and that's why I was wondering if there is a specific temp or wattage or anything to make sure I'm getting the full benefit... From what I read on the manufacturers site of the most recent oil I bought there is not such a thing, basically just vape it and that's enough... I wanted it for anxiety, but I'm finding it's not really helping me much sadly... About the only time it really does help with that is if I've done too much TCH, and it sorta brings you back down to earth...
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    The ideal temperature for CBD is 329F (165C).
    The range for CBD is 320-356F (160-180C)
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    hawse Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for the answer! It took three different forums/websites to get a real answer! Nice profile pic too.. :)
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    charface Well-Known Member

    The average vape pen is 3.7v

    I vape shit on 40 to 50w for the most part.

    You might want to experiment with
    1 to 1 cbd/thc
    Or even 2 to 1 ratios etc..

    Just cbd isnt really what we are after.

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    Try the CBD vape juice on buylegalmeds.com, has melatonine in it aswell, helps my anxiety and chronic PTSD, works alright, bottle could be abit stronger though
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Don't trust the pre-made CBD "oils" out there...

    First they cost a fortune and second most are kitchen table businesses that cannot afford proper testing so you'll never know exactly how much CBD is in the stuff you're buying unless you test it yourself.

    So why not make it yourself, then you’ll know what’s in it
    Here's a breakdown that for $131 (including the cost of shipping) will make you ten 500mg vape cartridges that have 200mg of CBD in each (which is pretty standard).

    2,000mg of CBD is $68 (with shipping)
    From CBD distillery, get the powder so it dissolves easier.

    You’ll need something to thin the CBD down with, WAX Liquidizer is good for that.
    A 15ml bottle costs $25 including shipping and will make 10 vape cartridges.
    The grape is good, it’s nice and strong.

    If you need vape cartridges, here are some nice ones, they are the same style used by EVOLabs.

    You probably also need a mixing kit which you can get off of WAX’s website for $9.00

    So that works out to

    CBD $ 68.00
    Liquidizer $ 25.00
    Cartridges $ 29.00
    Mixing Kit $ 9.00
    Total: $131.00

    This works out to 13.10 per cartridge, compared to $30-$70 from a dispensary.

    This is the total price you will pay, plus I think WAX is giving 10% off your first order and CBD distillery is giving 5% off your first order, so it should be cheaper if these are your first orders from them…

    Don’t mess around, make your own…

    charface Well-Known Member

    For sure.
    1 pay a buck each for tanks
    I make my own bho its free all things considered
    I use wax liquidizer which gets cheaper in bulk.

    Or you could use your own super inexpensive bottle of usp peg 400, 200,
    Pg, vg
    If you read wax liquidizers ingredients that is what they use If i remember.

    So yeah all said and done Im down to a couple bucks a gram
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    Yeah, wax uses PG, PEG 200, and PEG 400, but they are unclear about it because they don't want people copying it.
    It doesn't play well with VG though.

    I just did the 15ml quote so 10 could be made with as little left over as possible.

    If you grow your own, make your own liquidizer, and use refillable vape cartridges, it is totally possible to get the price down to a couple bucks...

    I grow my own and use refillable cartridges, I just haven't found a homemade liquidizer recipe I am totally happy with and I don't like the idea of wasting cannabis oil trying to discover new recipes.
    I like the WAX stuff but after a while it gets expensive, even in bulk...
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    vincei Member

    I am assuming this is an isolated CBD cart? Has anyone tried a full-spectrum cart and found it gives a different experience?
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Well-Known Member

    With full spectrum the only difference I have noticed is in the amount of THC.
    If it is low like AC/DC, then you will probably not even notice it and the "effect" will be the same as crystalline, although the hit will feel more like a hit with THC in it, where as crystalline tends to be quite smooth.

    With full spectrum you are getting all sorts of other cannabinoids in very small amounts.

    Crystalline is what big pharma has been testing for seizures and was recently approved by the FDA as the medication Epidiolex.
    So I suppose this proves cannabis has a medical use and cannabis will soon have to be taken off the schedule I list, at least CBD, which is a good start.

    Crystalline is cheap (if you buy the crystals and make it yourself), as low as $30/gram and it is supposed to be 50 state legal and as far as I know, you can have it shipped anywhere in the US, but again this pushing a limit on something that currently being tolerated by the FED's.

    Full spectrum is a bit tougher as it's almost impossible to find flowers so you will probably have to grow your own or pay the crazy high retail prices that dispensaries charge for vape cartridges.

    So it's up to you whether crystalline is the better route.
    For me I use a mix of both and it seems to work.

    vincei Member

    Hey @Chris Edward thank you very much for this - I will be experimenting with some full spectrum vape carts soon. I've only dabbed full spectrum extract directly a couple times and found that to be fairly good. Appreciate all the info.

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