CBD triggers opiod receptors, why isn't it addictive ?

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    Hello denizens,

    So there's abundant evidence that CBD has analgesic effects: from both animal studies
    with rats and mice and also from medical cannabis users.

    CBD binds to, and activates, our endogenous opioid receptors, and this fact both
    explains and somehow 'justifies' the assertion of analgesic action of cannabis.

    The opioid receptors activated by CBD, are also activated heroin, morphine and the
    vast family of other opioids. So why isn't CBD addictive ?

    If anyone has come across explanations for CBD's apparent non-addicting nature,
    please post them here. I'm very interested in this question.

    The implications and corollaries are huge. For example:
    -- perhaps CBD can help opioid addicts transition from the poppy to the weed.
    (how much suffering, crime, betrayal and personal degradation would that end?)
    -- the mechanism underlying alcoholism, coincidentally, is the triggering of endogenous
    opioid receptors (in response to the chemical assault of excessive alcohol). It's already
    known that agents, such as naltrexone, that blind to, but do not trigger, the opioid
    receptor, take the pleasure out of drinking, for an alcoholic. Perhaps it would be
    better to offer alcoholics the choice of transitioning to CBD oil... since CBD has
    neuroprotective, neurorestorative, anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects, it has
    a better side-effect profile than naltrexone.
    -- CBD might become, in time, a replacement for aspirin and paracetamol.
    given that aspirin causes stomach bleeding and paracetamol, taken to excess
    will kill you via liver damage.... maybe using CBD to replace aspirin and
    paracetamol is a great idea.

    But i digress... Back to the main point of this thread:
    Has any body come across explanations for CBD's non-addicting nature ?

    thanks to anyone and everyone who replies

    be happy :)


    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    i had no idea... but it could be the fact that you can eat a spoonfull of 99% pure CBD isolate and you wont even feel a buzz.. you eat a spoonful of heroin and you arent standing up for 18 hours. the weakest opiate compared to the strongest cannabis compound isnt even close. the buzz feeling is the addictive trait. coming from a past addict- i can tell you that with certainty lol. cannabis oils got me off opiates very easily so this actually serves hope for getting people off opiates in the future. i got a buddy that smokes more than anyone i know, and he claims when he doesnt he gets hot flashes.. this could be a very mild withdrawal symptom from strong cannabis intake but i even doubt that. not sure on the science of it, but thats my perspective.
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It's not triggering the pleasure endorphins.
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