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    I searched to see if any one had said something, but i coudlnt find anything..
    So im skimming through the Feb 2018 High Times, and there's an article by Reggie Dankers on people liking less-potent weed..anyway, they talk about CBD, and High Times published a family tree alongside the article. The problem is, that the Tree they used was disproved years ago, when they 1st published it online in an article a few years ago!! This shows that either they willing printed false info for whatever fucked up reason, or that they just dont pay attention to what the run. I think it was Danko who had the byline the 1st time around. I was underground, and even i heard chatter thrugh the grapevine...

    I attached their false family tree below, for reference.

    Printing a glaring mistake, that any one can google and see is wrong, is the sort of irresponsible behavior that is helping to ensure America stays 10+ years behind the rest of the world.. and Believe it or not, not everyone is aware to take what HT prints w/ a grain on salt.. there's many people out there who blindly believe what they read in HT..

    So to clear up any confusion, below and attached, is the real CBD Family Tree that i made up for you guys. .. I didnt add every single CBD-rich strain, but just the beginnings and a few of the more famous ones... There are only 3 CBD-rich lines(far right), in which every single CBD-rich strain currently on the market stems from. My stuff (far left) constitutes the 4th line.. it's an incomplete chart but it gives u an idea of where CBD-Rich strains actually came from. Note the lack of Linnaeus. (i'll table that topic for another thread)

    The story of CBD-rich strains has been widely documented, but if someone doesnt know, i;d be happy to tell that tale. Ive included a direct D/L link too, bc i had to make it super wide, so u have to zoom-in to see it.. so i added link to fulll size image to download as well, so u can zoom clearly.
    Well im told Rollitup has forbidden me from embedding a link here. So, PM me and i will be happy to send you the Full size Family Tree.

    and btw, I dont want it sound like im bashing HT mag itself; I'm not. Although i have longstanding issues with HT, i dont hate them.. it's the author, Reggie Dankers, for not doing research and his editor for running the article that are to blame and should be reprimanded and made to print retractions. The organization of HT mag has done tremendous things for this industry, they've even honored my genes; it's impossible for me to hate them. My complaint is the same its been for 25+ years.. to take thier magazine as seriously as thier counterculture efforts and to be more responsible in thier reporting. I hope this correct Family Tree helped to clear up any confusion.

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