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    Oh damn really
    Well damn I'm been looking to get into the business but don't have any experience

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    In the next few months we will be looking for all kinds of help, from grow techs to trimmers. Get your badge and its a good first step.
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    norcal mmj

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    Word the going rate is around 120 k for head grower at some of the places I heard and it was smaller 15000 sq ft grow. Had a 450$ hour meeting with Kiera and Clint at world wide venders. They lobby, advise, broker licenses and own a dispensary and grow facility. With any luck I'll be competing with you. Drip system = hydro I would think. best of luck and glad to finally see some one on here that's working in Reno.
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    Hello guys I am in Carson and looking for other growers in area to meet up with.

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    I'm way north oF reno where I can still legally grow. Anyone hear any news on small producer licenses for med or other.

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