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    Hi all...

    I have a carbon filter that's been sitting in a box for 4 or so years unused that I got 2 good grows out of. It's a phresh.

    My box is finally done and I thought to test the filter I'd throw a stick of incense in there to see if I noticed any smells coming out of the exhaust. I did clearly smell it.

    1) Is this unrealistic test? Will a carbon filter be able to filter out the smell of incense? I would think it would.
    2) Could just being in a box for 4 years, it wasn't sealed in a plastic bag at all but was in a sealed box, render the filter useless?

    I will check for leaks but I'd be surprised if there were any. I taped it up pretty well.

    Your thoughts, as always, are very much appreciated.

    Thanks! :-)
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    My Name is Mike

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    Are you talking about a burning incense that's lit and emitting smoke?

    If yes, than yes that's an unrealistic test. The reason being is that burning incense releases smoke thats transferring oils to the filter, sticking to it. The smell will be more intense because of that especially compared to mj.

    To my knowledge, carbon filters don't necessarily become ineffective while not in use unless stored in an area where it could be contaminated. Ideally you want them sealed in a bag, but if you had them sealed in a box, it shouldn't cause a total loss.

    Did you give it a good vigorous shake before hooking it up? This will help and try to test it with something different.
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    giantsfan24 Well-Known Member

    Yes burning incense, stick incense. I got a little nervous and decided to get a new one anyway. I didn't shake it up before I installed it but did just now and it's pretty tightly packed.

    I'm going to connect it to the exhaust and install the new one for the intake. I've got a muffler on the exhaust now but with a low as the airflow is for this box, whether it's a muffler or another filter shouldn't make too much difference noise wise. It's on a really low idle speed. I've confirmed negative pressure so it should be fine.

    Thanks for the response
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