Can't get rid of aphids

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    I have a never ending battle with these little guy's every year called aphids. In a large garden it is impossible to get 100 per cent coverage by tank spraying.If you miss one leaf your screwed!! I have some Pyrenone crop spray that I want to try. Online it suggests mixing it with other insecticides. Has anyone here had GOOD success with this product. If so what other product did you mix with it?? And the mixing rate also please.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    You can mix pesticides but why bother when aphids are easy to eradicate. You neglected to mention and so I have to your grow indoors or out? If indoors don't spray anything stronger than an oil spray or better yet Safer Soap. Which is nothing more than potassium salts of fatty acids. If outdoors you can spray same or something a little stronger. Permithrin is an insecticide I've used extensively and would recommend.
    Don't use a product much stronger than that. It's overkill. Another thing obviously that will kill soft bodied insects is cold and depending where you live you may or may not just be going into a cooler pattern.
    Also, vinegar works as does alcohol. A mixture of dish soap and vinegar might be all you need. I'd start there.
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    use bubbles , the kind kids play with.. its milder then dish soap and a lot easier on plants.. I used dawn and rubbing alcohol mixed in water and I ended up using to much soap and fried the lease.. bubbles you can mix at any ratio and it won't burn leaves..
    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Soapy water and a slice of crushed super hot chilli powder no less hot than a habenero.
    Works 100% twice weekly spray for 2 weeks
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    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Lady bugs are a little slower than some other methods like using hot pepper spray but they do work.

    Amazon and other online sources will send you live lady bugs and they're fairly inexpensive. If you do use hot pepper spray, (which is a good way to kill bugs and stay organic) you might want to try that before you try lady bugs since they might not want their food source heavily spiced.

    420producer Well-Known Member

    if your using organics stop.. hit them with some H2O2. the 29% wait for the sizzle...'you know its working'. hit them again with half strength h2o2. and fly strips 10 for a buck and hang them thru out your space . you want to kill any larvae down there. and use some mycos on next feeding.

    420producer Well-Known Member

    heres the thing about lady bugs. they handle business. no doubt. but they are not dumb and will leave a plant infested to return to eat.seen it before
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    If there is an abundant supply of food (like a large aphid population) lady bugs will breed and their immature off spring will not be able to fly away and they feed heavily on the aphids. The larvae look almost like an insect alligator.

    But you're right, the mature ones often fly off and some drug addled ones even do the kamikaze thing right into the high intensity light.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Fantastic advice!!!!

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