Cannatonic #4 the H.P. Cut


That'd be great. I've got a few that are about 6 weeks in. Definitely should have cleaned them up more. Pleasantly surprised with the plant so far in comparison #4.


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I chopped another HP Tonic last night. I let this go to day 71 from flip. Some things I noticed this:

It's branchy and the plant needs a ton of support!!! I may try two layers of netting the next time I grow it.

Support it early

If the plant is topped more than two times it's very very important to clean up the under carriage of the plant to keep from getting too many larfy buds, and even then I still got larf (I grew it under a 1000w HPS).

I have another one under 800w of COB. This I topped only once. If I can't perfect growing this strain soon I'm going to dump it.

Question: Are the Haze genetics in this strain making my buds softer than most? Has anyone got rock hard buds from this strain?


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Flipped a Cannatonic 4 cbd hp cut last night. Getting low on my stored cbd wax. Probably gonna run out before this runs is done. She smells soon good in flower.


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I really hate to bump an old thread but I recently came across this Cannatonic Huel Perkins clone for myself and another patient who are growing together and still have a few questions. This is our first Cannatonic strain and know if this plant needs any more special care. From what I got from the previous posts, this cut needs lot of root space and is at higher risk of mold/bud rot but I didn't know if there's more that I need to be aware about. Also does the Huel Perkins Cut grow more like a sativa/tall or indica/bushy?


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I chopped her last night. Smells delicious.
Does she smell like cherry cough drops?

I was passed a 'Cannatonic' cut about 4 yrs ago. The grower didn't know anything else about her, but from the looks of your pics I'm thinking it's the HP cut now. Sativa dom, super terpy, like cherry syrup.