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Discussion in 'California Patients' started by John Chi, Jun 22, 2017.

    John Chi

    John Chi New Member

    Recently, I have noticed more and more people smoking thc vapes over actual flower. What is so special about these vapes? If you use them can you please say why.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Member

    Hello John Chi,
    The first thing, vapes have almost no smell, even when flavored, unlike a joint or bowl which can smell your whole house up in no time flat.
    The high is more controllable and when taken in smaller doses it doesn't last exceptionally long.
    Too much THC at once freaks me out, so hits off a joint or a bowl can be spotty, some hits effect me softly while other hits can really pack a punch. To me this can be the difference between chilling and enjoying a movie or crawling the walls and hearing imaginary people in the other room or outside.
    So I mix my vape liquids from extracts and this way I can thin it out how much I like so each hit is exactly the same, not wondering how that hit is going to effect me.

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