Cannabis strains for insomnia?

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    justsumtomatoes Member

    Does anyone have any personal experience dealing with insomnia and have a recommendation as to which strains are most effective for relieving it?

    Obviously indicas will be more favorable over sativas, but are there any hybrids that may be helpful?

    Also, looking for a hardy strain that will be successful outdoors since that's my method of growing. Thanks.



    bml290 Active Member

    Nothing like GDP. Granddaddy Purps.
    Will put an elephant to sleep.
    Easy to grow, easy to trim, and clones easy too.
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    D'sNuts Well-Known Member

    Amnesia Kush
    Blackberry OG

    Out of 30 strains I've grown these work for me the best.

    modafinilgeek New Member

    Indica strains should do the trick, although strains affect people differently. I heard that edibles help you stay asleep longer. Also, if it's anxiety keeping you up, I think that high-THC strains should be avoided.

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    IMHO, (as a self medicating cancer patient) an Indica dominant strain, or hash plant, is a good starting point. They are also good outdoor plants in general too. Kush has worked well, know, just using up some ancient Speed Queen I grew some time ago.

    More important than specific strain is to not harvest early, and wait for more Amber tricomes. You want a good amount of CBN along with that THC for sleep.

    Me, I like to cut the stone of a high THC strain with CBD and I really like the strength of hash or concentrates. But again cut with CBD.

    I will vap at bed time, for a quick effect, and also take an edible, for all night effect.

    Really works, got me off a myriad of prescription drugs.
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    charface Well-Known Member

    I use a 2 to 1 cbd/thc for sleep.

    I make bho then turn that into vape juice because it is easy to dose consistently and I can just hit the pen
    With no torch blaring in my face.

    Much more relaxing.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Any strain, grown to full ripeness will put you to bed for a few hours.
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    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    Vap juice. Interesting. I have struggled with vaporizers got like 5 all fine with bud but not concentrates. My dynavape, which I heat with a torch then vap is best so far, but a pen with home made vape juice concentrates is interesting. I get a tight chest from trying to get enough in me, for the effect I desire. ( I like to fall asleep with a shit load of CBD and THC in me.)
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    Iwantcolumbia New Member

    Black Domina, that will knock you TF out!

    weedlov3r Member

    I'll recommend you 4 best strains - Tahoe OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, Skywalker and God’s Gift.
    Also Indica marijuana strains are the best in treating insomnia.

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Any strain converted into edibles will work much better than smoking, regardless of the strain. Try these, they'll drop an elephant at 200mg.

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    iknownothink Well-Known Member

    Any decent edibles and I can't physically stay awake no matter what the strain. My first edible I was out for 12hrs straight, then hazy for the next 12 hrs which could of very easily just closed my eyes and dosed off for another few hours :)
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    demmaters New Member

    Strain doesn't matter for me. Sativa, indica, hybrid? They all permit me to sleep through the night.

    Quani Active Member

    Sativa's can get you excited, doing tons of things, and then you are tired :D

    pg3t New Member

    I have smoked cannabis for many years, but interested in other forms. What does "...cut the stone..." refer to?

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    "Cut the stone"

    Referring having near equal percentage THC and CBD, or CBD content higher than THC

    CBD counteracts the high from THC.

    Strains with high CBD content don't get you as high. It's a different buzz.

    This way I can consume more THC and not so stoned I can't function.

    I will grow CBD strains and mix them with THC strains, control the stone based on time of day and what I got going on.

    pg3t New Member

    Thanks! I've been smoking a piece of OG Kush about the size of match head every other night to successfully to avoid REM sleep behavior disorder. I want to understand how CBD might compliment or replace THC. It seems as though I would need to smoke my brains out to get enough CBD, but I am not sure. Epileptics need as much as 300mg, but I suppose that is because it is going through the digestive track. Buying CBD capsules would be quite expensive, if I needed to get that much. I wonder how much CBD I could get in a puff of a CBD-rich strain of marijuana. Do you know? I just like getting high on occasion, too, and perhaps I will be pleased to 'cut the stone' if I can get my hands on a CBD-rich strain.

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    Good question!

    I don't know how to calculate mg from bud.?

    Is it like this? Say you have a strain that is 10% CBD so is that 10mg per gram of bud. ?

    Cheapest is to grow your own. Next cheapest seems I found so far is "the CBD distillery". They sell pure hemp derived CBD isolate for $27 to $30 a gram. (Not mg)
    It's decarbed so you can just eat it, or smoke/dab it if you want

    The hemp derived CBD is legal in all states. High CBD Marjuana is not. Getting to be lots of stains with real high CBD values,. Pot stores in Washington state have several options, mostly equal THC/CBD strains.

    pg3t New Member

    Thank you!

    PopeyeSpinach Well-Known Member

    King Louis the 8th is my fav so far, ive heard amazing things about grandaddy purple

    Blueberry kush has treated me good as well

    I buy CBD oil at local head shop and have incorporated that into my cannabis regimen.

    I got 100mg cbd tincture and it helped my tendon pain in elbow, but barely touched my anxiety, insomnia, PTSD.

    Jumped to 550mg cbd oil with some good herb and i sleep alot better

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