Cannabis strains for insomnia?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by justsumtomatoes, Oct 24, 2017.


    justsumtomatoes New Member

    Does anyone have any personal experience dealing with insomnia and have a recommendation as to which strains are most effective for relieving it?

    Obviously indicas will be more favorable over sativas, but are there any hybrids that may be helpful?

    Also, looking for a hardy strain that will be successful outdoors since that's my method of growing. Thanks.



    bml290 Active Member

    Nothing like GDP. Granddaddy Purps.
    Will put an elephant to sleep.
    Easy to grow, easy to trim, and clones easy too.

    D'sNuts Well-Known Member

    Amnesia Kush
    Blackberry OG

    Out of 30 strains I've grown these work for me the best.

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