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Discussion in 'California Patients' started by bhick1992, Apr 21, 2017.



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    bhick1992 New Member

    Hello Cannabis Enthusiasts,

    I am a founder of a new cannabis startup and I need to interview cannabis users/enthusiasts about problems in the cannabis industry. I am seeking professional and unprofessional opinions so anyone who loves cannabis please respond. The interview should take between 5-10 min of your time. If you can interview please contact me. Thanks

    Trichometry101 Active Member

    Sorry you didn't get any replies. Seems most want to pretend all is peachy in legal weed.

    My expert opinion (pros get paid to bs) is that too many people don't know weed but still wanna participate on one end or the other, grower or smoker. They dont wanna learn though.

    Low prices has become the selling point, because people can't distinguish quality, and 90% of what's sold legally is subpar because most growers are not passionate and don't understand weed either.

    The cool factor will wear off but quality standards have been sacked by then. The capitalists have taken over. Distilled reclaim with 3rd party terps is the now and future of legal weed.

    Biggest problem : Buds that smell like grow products instead of like strains, being sold like hotcakes. I have a gram sitting here somone gave me, that smells like cheeseburger grease, and has been soft and spongy sitting on my shelf for 6 months. I dont know wtf local growers are doing, but this is the big problem. Weed contaminated with grow products. From sugars to npk, from pesticides to skillet grease apparently...
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    Sattva Member

    I'm seeing the same problems from my grower... He's deep into making medicine for patients and can't seem to find any old seeds from the sixties; He wants some that have the original genetic make up... He believes were breeding and diluting the medical properties out of it...

    Another problem I see coming is this DUI thing for chronic users like me... You don't want someone like me driving not medicated... My mind will be on suffering with my back instead of my driving... Whereas the pot allows me to relax and concentrate on my driving... I know a lot of people will disagree with this, but I saw a documentary about 10 years ago, where they tested a recreational user, with his driving, vs a chronic user, and his driving, and there was impairment with recreational user, but not with chronic user... I have been driving for 50 years now and everything is pure muscle memory; even if a car pulls out in front of me I don't have to think about the brakes; It's pretty much automatic for me...

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