Cannabis Addiction and the Brain: a Review

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by Observe & Report, May 31, 2018.

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    Yeah , it's dense! The finest minds of our generation have used the most sensitive instruments devised by humans to confirm that Cannabis is mildly addictive and withdrawing makes you cranky and sleepless for a little while.

    The money shot is the second paragraph of the discussion (DA = Dopamine):

    also interesting (CUD = Canabis Use Disorder):

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    That's essentially what I got out of it, good study, nice to see some science. But if you read into their findings it's much like @Observe & Report says, they refrain from calling it full blown addiction, although many of the markers are there. To me it really comes down to individuals, those who tend to have addictive personalities could certainly become dependent on it, like any other drug. Those that don't, like me, can go on/off it on a whim and never really notice it. The part I don't agree with is the section that discusses withdrawal symptoms, I frequently have to travel for work and go 3-4 days with no physical withdrawal symptoms. But I also refrain from constantly being stoned for the sake of being stoned, that could be a difference. Someone who can't control that and has access to endless supply might get some if they haven't been sober for weeks, months, years.

    CUD would be a more appropriate term than addiction. Addiction to me is something you can't stop without significant physical withdrawal symptoms, a la opioids.
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    I stopped smoking {and growing} for 11 years. It was the social aspect that I had the most trouble with. I dreamed about smoking a lot. {I dreamed a lot after I stopped. Stopped dreaming when I started back smoking}
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    That’s why I use it. It stops the nightmares.

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    It's not addiction. It's just everything is funner while baked. All activities and events become more interesting if you're Chinese eyed. Food taste better high. Music sounds better and you can stay in time with the beat easier while stoned. People watching, plane and helicopter and boat rides hold on let me take a bong hit before we go. Even sex is better if you are fried. Strong psychological attachment is what it becomes.
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    Cannabis withdrawals are 3 days of increased symptoms which led to your use in the first place. And retailers know they can sell shitty pot this way. Something is better than nothing.. One gram at a time. If most people stopped smoking for a week.. They'd quit for good til some quality came around.

    They could have just asked some people.. Been running out of weed since high school.

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